Flicker Theatre Hosts Open Jam Sessions

Flicker Theatre Hosts Open Jam Sessions

-the interior of Flicker Theatre; props, but not just any ol’ props…it’s precisely placed and perfectly luminous.

Performing songwriter Mardi Garcia was at Flicker Bar Saturday. From that performance a conversation started with the management about having a jam band night so players could sit in with a full kit and bass in a open stage format. It’s a lovely thing to play acoustically in an old theatre, particularly in the deep South of the united States.The vibe is vibrant! Owner Jeremy Long is responsible for the outstanding props and layout. It’s warm, hip and cool and professionally tuned by Kim Long, a Reiki and Tuning Fork practitioner. Co-owner Clint McElroy runs the booking and is hands on at the bar as well. They are the proprietors of the one of the Classic City’s popular live music venues and local theatre. Now they are announcing Open Jam Sessions hosted by Mardi Garcia of Music Alchemy next Wednesday, February 24 from 9pm-close. Flicker Bar opens at 4pm. Doors to the Theatre open at 8:30pm (you can hang out in the bar until Yoga Practitioners are finished at 8pm)  Admission $3.  Put on your big boy/girl pants and get your jam on. Bring amp/cable/sticks/axe or whatever you use of course if you got em.    http://www.flickertheatreandbar.com

“Is life a journey or a destination? It’s a journey always like pilgrims and our pilgrimage is to encounter each wonderful person who is upheld just a little bit more. You could call it destiny.”


Mardi Garcia at Flicker


Flicker Theatre and Bar Stage



About Music Alchemy

originally thought music. Music has power to ease tension within the heart to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The inspiring effect of the mystifying invisible sound that moves all hearts and draws them together - the movements of re-awakening life. The secret of all natural and human law is movement (preparation) that meets with devotion. - Yu Enthusiasm

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