Let me introduce myself…


Greetings! My name means Tuesday. A lot of times I am called Mardi Gras. I don’t mind, it’s cute. Kind of a weird holiday though…anyway…I ramble, get used to it. lol. I do not take myself very seriously because it is futile to do that. How could I? Then I would be disappointed a million times a day when I realize that I forgot to plug in my charger before I left…I splashed coffee grounds on my nice white shirt…ugh and one of my cathedral crystal earrings fell off my ear in the parking lot before my gig today and I ended up wearing no earrings at all. If you have long hair and you decide to pull it up, for your information; having no earrings while performing on stage feels naked! I would rather laugh about it, so human…wait for it…wait for it…HUMOR! Yikes…Love wins. Here’s a song.  https://youtu.be/LW8j03fe7iE


I call this the “Knee shot”. Kneeshot is inevitable. Invariably someone somewhere will capture that one moment that happens during every performance when I start getting excited and I want to kick my knees up.I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve got over the years. lmao. You would almost imagine I was shy. I am actually. But music makes me move and it’s the most me I can be ever. #thankyoumusic

This photo is courtesy of Stephen Knudde of Providence, RI. A singer-songwriter as well, his music is punk, kind of rockabilly and mostly covers, but its such a cool vibe. Quinn the Eskimo? Awesome! He’s an IT guy and a roaming cameraman at most every open mic and live show he goes to throughout the week. I lovingly used to call him my stalk-a-razzi just ‘cuz he was pretty consistent from the get-go…let’s see…(thinking)…December ’09… 40+ pounds ago? Yes, I have whittled down a lot, yay! I feel good. So, let’s go, k? Can we go now? Can we all just get off our butts now and live? I think so. The atmosphere feels different. Mercury is direct after all and completely out of Shadow now and since late December Mercury has been in some type of Retrograde action! How cloudy everything has been and tempestuous! I compare it to what I call singing in braille. Singing in braille is a common technique for professional singers.

“I entered vocal training in 1967 and never left. You don’t have to believe me. Kinda shocking how long I have been here. It feels like several lifetimes just in this suit.Oh wait, it has. ”

But, singing in braille is very handy. You can in-tone and maintain that tone by tuning into between your ears where you are vibrating. Loud bands and large choruses share this problem. Structured singing situations like 6 part harmonies or tight harmonies use this. If you don’t have a monitor you will sound flat to the audience because your ears close when you open your mouth that big! (no jokes) And then people will talk about you later and say you suck. I know, it’s happened to me many times.

“my sound system doesn’t just amplify my voice and guitar. It enhances and modulates.The result is more perfect the next time. The reason for this is the frequencies are adjusted for the venue; lows, highs, mids and the grays in between. A few thousand shows later you finally figure it out…a bit of a slow learner.”

This has been my introductory post. I am building the site upon the content I have created over the past year. I wrote in pencil on graph paper notebooks and just didn’t stop for a year solid. I just ceased! Like Forrest Gump stopped running, they asked him why and he said I just feel like stopping now. It really is that simple. – sending so much love out to all…Mardi


About Music Alchemy

originally thought music. Music has power to ease tension within the heart to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The inspiring effect of the mystifying invisible sound that moves all hearts and draws them together - the movements of re-awakening life. The secret of all natural and human law is movement (preparation) that meets with devotion. - Yu Enthusiasm

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