So Much Love…


Greetings and Solidarity and so much love…those of us who are the same as you with ptsd and the trauma…and me as well as millions of our adults and youth who have come back from military service and have all the same identities. There is a birth that is taking place right now throughout our collective senses, the 2 senses of the 7 that Manley P. Hall said were not of our individual selves but of the collective.

This is what Mr. Hall didnt realize is that these two collective senses which he didn’t name are being realized right now. So we are now on our new path and can reverse the parasitic modus of the powers-that-once-were and explain and inform as well as demonstrate compassion for suffering and trauma that shows the “giving-back-type-of-love” direction modus of the generation that is here now to not just witness but embody LOVE in our world. Its like 180 degrees and when we turn around to go in the opposite direction of parasitism-taking from the bottom, now we go and give to the bottom. But when we turn around nothing looks familiar. Its a different view! What do we do with this view? How did we get here? It wasnt gradual, it was an ABOUT FACE! SO EVERYONE; ABOUT FACE!!!! WE ARE HERE. WOW! So, there is nothing to achieve, strive, wait, accumulate, acquire, get. WE ARE. IT IS. LOVE HAS WON. Full moon tonight in Virgo. March has 2 important Eclipses, April has Mars Retrograde, in May the portal opens to view what we have initiated right noiw and 5 PLANETS WILL BE RETROGRADE AT ONE TIME. As Mars in Scorpio scours the realms and wields the sword of the warriors of truth, the flame of the Violet Fire we emerge in September with our base identities changed, the same ABOUT FACE, with balance and clarity as the NEW LEADERS that have been gelling and cementing and watershedding during this impending Mars retrograde we are most prepared to take our places to serve humanity on a grand scale. This isn’t grandiose this is reality. I felt these 2 additional collective senses yesterday that many thousands, perhaps millions of souls awakened and individual dna activations were widespread. There was also a large genocide I think.We may have lost a billion souls. That isnt what we are focusing on but nevertheless, its happening and perhaps this wave of bloodshed potentially is a karmic situation as well. It might be the debt evil fore-bears are paying. I dont know the answer to that, but we do know we are here right now for this task. There is much to do and lots of feelings to feel and we are equipped inside out to go forward. Thank you for sharing and commenting…so much love, Mardi


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