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I just finished a 3 year long natal Chiron transit. I am soooo feeling the love with Venus now! It healed our relationship; she was exact at aspect with natal 14 degrees a few weeks ago and we re-united. It was like there was some triangle or another person clouding our relationship and we couldn’t see eye to eye. It was in my root and sacral chakras and I discovered how deep it went on 17 Feb, the day I had an appointment with Kim Long, Reiki/tuning fork healer. I knew I was ripe to resolve this. At one point during the treatment, I was clutching my gut and had to stop when fear shot up. It was like, I had to go lower, there was something very deep and I hesitated to go there. But why? She asked me to think of a loving moment so I could embrace this fear. I thought about my late cat that recently got lost. I loved her so much. She was like a big sister, demanding I care for her idiosycracies but in return I got snuggles! Anyone who loves cats knows that cat-snuggle time is what you live for! I learned how to take care of me too by this awareness. She came to me a few weeks later in a dream and said I had learned to honor myself and I didn’t need her anymore. I wasn’t alone.
So, how was the Chiron transit resolved? Well, when I thought of my kitty my heart expanded and I felt some trigger like a connection from my heart to my root and it was like a gyser, torus, swoosh! I cried out and literally it felt like something left me. The next few days whenever I got online or talked to anyone I noticed an absence of some kind of shadow on the right side of my right eye. Weird, right?  You don’t know you are seeing through a veil until the veil is gone. In my interactions with people now I have a feeling of safety. The result was safety! It is now built in. Astrology has literally saved my life. Here’s to new eras in consciously living. ❤
Of course chiron is still transiting, however waning, for me. With Saturn transiting my 12th house I had some spiritual cleaning up to do just to get ready for his natal return in a year and half or so. He wants me ready. I don’t exactly know for what! But, I am well aware of what is going on and for my first year of consciously living using astrology, I have figured out how to recognize the areas in my life I need to adjust and apply neutralizing or balancing energies to. And, I know how! In addition, I know who can help me! I used to be ignorant of all these things. I no longer have that “disease of ignorance” so hailed by the ancients as the worst of human maladies. I am healed of that!  #chironreturn

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  1. Along with that I am gleaning more and more from Wilhelm’s edition of IChing with Carl Jung’s forward which is 50 pages of amazing information. Best kept secret. Wilhelm does not just give the interpretations of the 64 Divinatory Figures; Ideograms, he also explains the basis of the Primary Arrangement, in which the genders of the figures is reversed. Proving that black is white, white is black. The switching of the genders by the sages in the initial written down part of the ICHING was widely known. It’s like our eyes and how the image is received to our brain backwards and we flip it to know what it is. This makes perfect sense. It also gives much copious information about all the stages of life from the void, to the cause/action then the womb and thunder and lightning that spark life and wind and the rain that fertilize it, the water is recycled, things decay and it starts again. The cycle of life is indicated by 64 different “movements” of the lines. The book is descriptions of what is happening and how the superior man would need to do to avoid the pitfalls to have the most favorable outcome. It always says that if you study the text and learn what part of the cycle you are in then you know the tao, flow of the stream, and you are not subject to the pitfalls and will succeed in different ways. totally takes the weight off. Then I can live in safety pretty effortlessly after I have understood and applied the right energy to my situation. It is so easy and simple that it tells you exactly that. It is easy; Sun, Light, Action, Positive, Male and simple; Moon, Dark, Receptive, Womb, Negative, Female.

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