Bi-Polar – One Pole Broken


ting50Dear readers, writers and astro-physics folks; Carl Jung asked the IChing, the Text, if it was indeed a sentient being, he said: How would you like me to present you to…”the good will and imagination of the reader, inasmuch as I have to take him into the obscurity of an age-old magic ritual. Unfortunately, I am only too well aware of the arguments that can be brought against it.We are not even certain that the ship that is carrying us over the unknown seas has not sprung a leak somewhere.May not the old text be corrupt? Is Wilhelm’s translation accurate? Are we not self-deluded in our explanations? is not for the frivolous minded and immature; nor is it for intellectualists and rationalists. It is appropriate only for thoughtful and reflective people who like to think about what they do and what happens to them-a predilection not to be confused with the morbid brooding of the hypochondriac.” C.G.Jung page xxxiii Zurich 1949. On Page xxv he refers to a previous translation by Legge (p41) and refers to ” the “spiritual agencies” acting in a mysterious way, that make the yarrow stalks give a meaningful answer. These powers form, as it were, the living soul of the book…a sort of animated being, the tradition assumes that one can put questions to the IChing and expect to receive intelligent answers.”xxvi

Infinity is immutable…the lines are moving

The footnote on pg xxv 4. They are shen, that is “spirit-like”. Heaven produced the “spirit-like things'” (Legge). So, what are they? Yes, I am asking YOU! Are they Elementals as in Sylphs? Sylphs are the air beings. I heard the elements are re-emerging. I don’t know. I am aware of sylphs but these beings that embody the I Ching are specific to the Text. It has only been written Text for 3000 years maybe. But the Text was in Oral Form thousands of years prior, maybe longer. Confucius added to it after he was raised on it. It “represented both a supreme expression of spiritual authority and a philosophical enigma. I made use of the coin method”pxxvi Hexagram 50 TING THE a ritual vessel containing cooked food…to be understood as spiritual nourishment…a utensil pertaining to a refined civilization suggests the fostering and nourishing of able men, which redounded to the benefit of the state…accepted in humility. pxxviii

I have used both the coin and the stalks method. I used round toothpicks 50 count the last time I consulted the oracle which was a few days ago. It was more time consuming and I had to re-count a few times but I finally figured out the count. Four is the number you count but only to have remainders that add up to a certain number and the number is interpreted to mean a line. There are only two lines; firm and yielding.

A solid line is ______ that means Firm.

A yielding line ___    ___ is open in the middle like a doughnut.

Speaking of doughnuts; the chakras in physical form are torus in function and shape. Could the yielding line represent that sacred geometric vesica piscis shape where alchemy occurs? I see them as two spheres who intersect and the resultant shape is not another sphere but an eye shape? I am just connecting my own dots here. 🙂 That is why there is an open space in the middle. Like a womb the creation springs from there. Yielding is also Dark, Shadow Realm, Feminine, The Moon, Negative. Wow, these are all words that represent many ideas we are scared to venture into thoroughly, taboos many of them. So, we are impeded, crippled actually, because we haven’t had access to at least 50% of what is in our makeup. Really? Are you in shock yet? I am. Actually, I am pissed off about this fact. That education throughout my life here not only failed to introduce these sciences, but warned me of ever going there on my own. Doom! Death! Pain! Suffering!

These days I completely disregard appeals from anyone for an emotional response from me. I preserve my emotions for myself and my loved ones. Thats it. done. don’t even ask because you ain’t gonna get it. ❤

Once I get a hexagram, 6 lines which I have drawn from the bottom going up, I separate them and look at the trigram , 3 lines, meanings first. Since here are only 8  trigrams and each one is a house you know the meaning of that stage of creation that you are in, the Tao or The Way, The Times, The Sign of the Times etc. As I discover tangible ways to apply the spiritual nourishment that is this Oracle, I will be reporting the manners in which they manifest as relates to that area of my life that it is. The photos of ideograms here are from two different books. The one at the top is from Wilhelm. Notice the vessel is sloped in at the top, not square like the lower image which is from an abbreviated American book series called Elements. I get more information from Wilhelm obviously, but Elements provides a concise colloquial viewpoint, a slightly different glimpse. (kinda “for dummies” version).

The Elements define Ting as to find an image, find something to focus on; the Cauldron, and then it tells you exactly what to do. Any of the lines can be moving and hence you draw another hexagram based on the direction of the movement. You see where this is going. You do. So, it tells you to transform your problem in the vessel. Now we are back to alchemy. The lower trigram, the lowest three lines called Sun, a Yielding line, an open line described above is wood and wind. There are two firm lines above it. The upper trigram is Li, The Clinging-Fire suggesting the idea of preparing food, spiritual food. You have to take your problem into the fire and it will turn shadow into light for you.

In a previous post I mentioned how the genders were reversed from the Primal Arrangement by the ancients. This explains why the first line is feminine. Yet, Sun is considered the Abstract/Positive/Male/Creation/Sun part of our realm. It sounds like it would be difficult to follow but you have to see the 8 houses and it will make sense. Not every line has gender-reversed. It is easy, and the polar opposite that works hand in hand with it is simple, Physical/Negative/Female/Receptive/Moon aspect. They do not oppose each other, they work hand in hand like a see-saw. You are the fulcrum.



Wilhelm Ting


Wilhelm Ting


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