To Cheapen Your Currency



Trump says “They’re cheapening their currency and making it very inexpensive” LOL at first I didn’t know if the CURRENCY he was referring to was people or dollars! I’m not kidding…I read a lot of physics and energy-field comparisons to the human body because we are generative beings; we co-create. WE ARE CURRENCY. So, the question has to be asked; Which currency are they CHEAPENING; the people, who are already their property or their own dollars? The dollars represent your labor, what you have EARNED. What is CHEAPEN? Websters’ and Cassells’ Dictionaries; To reduce the value, consideration of, weight, worth, petty tradesmen, virtually worthless, niggardly, stingy, deserving of scorn, contemptible, TO DEPRECIATE, BELITTLE, or BRING INTO CONTEMPT. This is all in the context of trading/buying.

You are currency, you are being traded, you are being cheapened, you are being brought into contempt by the rest of the peoples and nations of the world. You act on your cause because you are waking up to the fact that you must act to preserve what you perceive as freedom for your person. Just know, this is a good thing! Anyone who raises their awareness aka conscious perception, is raising all those around them. Emotional reactions are easy to elicit because we are emotional beings. Our emotions are powerful tools to help us connect to the heart inside of us. If I suspect someone is trying to conjure up emotional responses from me, I immediately know they are going to try to manipulate me. The reason I know this right away is because my emotional life is kinda private to me. You might say I was shy to a degree. More than being shy, however, is my knowledge of human beings and how we function that evokes a reverence to emotional responses. It is my heart that is speaking, the heart being the holy of holies. That is something worth defending and I do. I reserve my emotions for myself and my loved ones. Appeals to divide my love and heart for all people will be disregarded. That doesn’t mean I cut off emotions, to the contrary, it allows my emotions to be safe in unpacking themselves surrounded by love to either heal me of the trauma the emotion is pointing to, or healing someone else with my coherent understanding of their pain and emotions. These are functions of a refined civilization, like the civilization all humans came from. (see We can go back to that refinement if we want. I want to therefore my own energetic=currency is used for that purpose. I don’t use it for things I don’t want. Since so many of my countrymen are cheapening themselves at lightening speed due to mis-information, I also use it to defend, uphold strengthen humanity in whatever way they present themselves. We must SEE this to stop letting bad education/so-called knowledge/college-purposeful DIS-INFORMATION used by clever yet brutish people to abuse our emotions and therefore US. Your emotions belong to you, use them for yourself and loved ones, not to parade in their game, the end of which for it’s clowns and actors will not be a pleasant one. Bottom line here (for those who have difficulty reading….there are many…) cheapen means to degrade deliberately, some languages call it vulgar, dungeon, vileness. Is that what you want? NO we naturally want to defend and love others, uphold our families and peacefully provide for ourselves, have enjoyment with others…this is what we want.

There are agents among you who are pretending to be humanity with your assumption that humanity wants only good for themselves and others, this is the description of real humanity. But, that is not the goals of humanity these human agents are talking about. Sounds the same, but what they won’t tell you is they have another goal, a different goal; opposite of what you want because they are clever and brutish. Clever is like black magic; Merlin called it “hand-magic”. He was employed for it and despised it because if is inferior to the magic of humanity’s capabilities. There’s no currency in it, just clever THE-HAND-IS-QUICKER-THAN-THE-EYE magic tricks. You, as the real humanity, are higher, more advanced because we/you/me are generative…we co-create. Hmmm…don’t they? No they don’t. They are not superior, they are inferior, mimicking creatures. But, they have to eat, right? They are trying to survive too, so they steal our currency through emotions…that is the currency they use/need/seek as an alternate-type human. Manley Hall quotes the Ancients when he says of immutable law that THE INFERIOR DOES NOT RULE THE SUPERIOR. The superior will always ascend to the top position inevitably. for more info please see my blog Bi-Polar – One Pole Broken


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  1. This is Star Trek Voyager where Janeway challenges the Archon who is parading as her father. He is one of these types I talked about that need the human nourishment. They say that truth is hiding in plain sight. Who said that? It is them, their way of being “honest” lol. that is the best they can do, hide. Notice he says “it can be anything you want it to be.” I always heard that phrase to supposedly encourage me to be ambitious, go to college, buy sneakers etc…lalala….also notice he needs her to agree. she could sense that he didnt have the ability to force her, why? Because he is not superior, she is. This is a beautiful way to know what you are.

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