Edward The Cat



I was given a young male cat last year by a man named Ronald I dated once or twice. Ronald said he worked at the prison complex as a guard. Ronald came over with the cat and set him down. He was tiny!  As soon as I met this pewter shade short hair cat he spoke to me in my mind. He said he had attention deficit disorder and his name was Edward. Immediately I said “Hi Edward!” He hissed and geez I wish I had kept the picture because I did get a shot of his evil face snarling at me! I laughed because every time I called his name he hissed at me! I just loved Edward, though. I had fun with him, he was so active and playful. He was aggressive too and would jump up and grab onto at my swinging hand as I walked by. Sometimes he would attack my foot.  Things were okay for a 2 weeks when Ronald requested that I send pictures of Edward because his grandchildren were worried about him. Seemed odd. Oh well. So I sent a few. There were so many strange things I felt around this cat. My older female cat, Niko, got very sick and they were constantly sparring. He would play hide and seek with her but she was not amused. In fact it began to look more like hide and stalk. He was ambushing her when she walked by. Also, for me I had to close the door when I changed, which is bizarre but he would watch me and I was creeped out. As you can see, his eyes were penetrating and intelligent.

One day I was crying, feeling alone and confused. There were many changes going on in my life and I was down. He was resting on the dresser and watching me, which he did often. He was not affectionate so I didn’t try to call to him. I thought about it though. Suddenly he got up and climbed on the bed. He walked over to me laid down on my chest, heart to heart. I could feel his heart beating. I immediately stopped crying and felt calm. He looked at me in the eye, kissed my cheek and lowered his forehead and placed it up against mine. It was like he was channeling a message to me. I started to listen quietly. A few minutes later he got up and jumped off the bed.

Hmmm. Looking back I can see this cat was very sentient. I was stunned at the peace and calm I felt. It was almost shocking but I was so glad to not feel my heart about to explode and I was grateful actually. I fell asleep for an hour, a deep sleep. When I woke up I got out of bed and felt a sort of no-mind as in Zen. It was a clear view, like through a glass that was perfectly clean. My sense that something had changed indeed within me was more than obvious. I knew I would never eat meat again. I was instantly Vegan. I was a Vegan, not as in a religious way of eating, but as in Vega Star System! Where the animals come from? How do I know these things? Where did this idea come from? Whatever it was, it was done. That was six months ago and I still don’t desire to eat meat.

A week later, Edward attacked Niko. I sensed evil immediately and Niko was terrified and couldn’t even meow. She had begun to be sluggish the previous few days too. She was steadily getting sick. So, I put him in a crate for the day, food, water, etc. He was quiet but I felt bad so I decided to get take him out of the crate and let him roam around in the hallway. Eventually Niko wanted to go outside and not thinking I opened the door. He immediately jumped on her, claws open. They ran out the door and under the car and he started clawing her stomach. I screamed. I got a rake  and poking it under the car I tried to free her. He ran off so I dropped the rake and chased him around the yard until I caught him. I brought him into the kitchen clutching him tightly because he was incredibly strong. I closed the door. As soon as I put him down I knew I had made a mistake. He was not communicative. His back was arched and he looked threatening. My heart was racing and pounding out of my chest. I rose up and just seized him with both arms and crated him in the back seat of my car. Something was wrong. With him. Niko was in hiding somewhere in the neighborhood. It would be almost a week before she returned. After a week she was her old self again.

I didn’t even think. My mind was with Niko. I had to let my intuition guide me at that moment. Love direct me! I started my car, put it in drive and just got off the property. I had no idea where I was going but I didn’t care. I felt a spirit of darkness hovering around him where I had placed him behind me. He was seething. For protection I sang my new song about the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, it was a prayer I had received from Suzanne Lie of the Arcturians. Blaze Blaze Blaze.  I repeated it three times. Then I listened to angelic celestial celtic music and my body was shaking. I cried, I felt sadness. I wanted him to be a good cat and not have to experience the vacant torture he must feel. I got on the highway  heading South to Rhode Island. By the time I got to Providence, I knew exactly where I was going. I couldn’t believe it! I was taking Edward to Maximum Security Prison! I wasn’t sure if Ronald was on duty but either way, I was taking him to the prison. His behavior, had he been a person, would be considered criminal. At the very least he needs help. During the 40 minute ride, he spoke to me in my mind. He said he was bred as a predator, that it wasn’t his fault. He loved us but he had to hurt something to feel normal. I told him I knew that. He asked me to be humane at least. I assured him I would and also would make sure Ronald was aware of his concerns. Isn’t it funny how we use the word human to describe compassion and respect for all life? He had been abused. He deserved to be treated with respect and compassion and justice.

We arrived at the maximum security gate. I parked and took a deep breath. I wrote Ronald’s name and number in huge letters on a piece of paper and brought Edward who was in the crate into the intake area. I plopped the crate on the high counter, meanwhile, I am in my pajamas and suddenly realized it! They tried to turn me away, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I must have looked completely batshit crazy! I used it to my advantage, haha. Indeed, Ronald was working that night but I had to go to a different building. I pulled into the parking lot around the corner and there was an elderly guard on duty in the lot. I stopped and asked his assistance. He said oh yes, Ronald is here. I will bring Edward to him. I was not prepared for what happened next. I went to the car and grabbed the crate and as I handed it to the guard, the man smiled, said loving things to Edward and was laughing.  He was overjoyed to see the cat and reassured me he would deliver his precious bundle safely to Ronald.

The trip home was indeed a trip. I was in a fog of emotion. I felt Edward’s energy still in the back seat. He was still there! It was shadows and darkness and niggly. It didn’t feel good.  I started singing again The Prayer of Saint Germain. Blaze Blaze Blaze, the Violet Fire. Transmute all Shadow into Light Light Light!  A wonderment enveloped me in a brilliant light all the way home. My tears turned to joy and gratitude. Edward’s words came to me again, he thanked me and asked me to keep praying for him. I said I would and told him he was redeemed no matter what. He said he knew he had go to Light.

At home I used sage, sweetgrass and rose incense to remove the energy from my car and house. I contemplated the whole ordeal. Later that night Ron left lots of voicemail messages that were less than complimentary. I responded with one text. “Hi, it’s me, Edward the Cat. I have attention deficit disorder and am a predator. It’s not my fault, I was bred this way. Please be humane.” Ron responded with “You’re nuts”. Brilliant!

The love that guard emitted toward Edward made me feel like I did the right thing. I asked the Universe to assist me in transmuting that predator  energy to restore Edward’s innocence or to help repurpose his corrupted soul, whichever was the right thing for him.   Similar to my lesson from Niko Niko The Wise Woman I learned so much from this cat. What is it with cats? I learned not to be afraid to deal with shadow elements in other beings. I learned that power lies in LOVE. Great power is in acting to resolve things when conflicts arise or when darkness comes into your world. I learned to embrace, not throw away troubles. We don’t need to look for the dark. It finds us. I think the reason Edward came to me was because I would never have gone to where he was but we needed to meet and see ourselves through each others eyes.

Celtic Chants Spiritual Music


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