You Say You Want A Revolution? Here’s how.



Starting on May 9th I will be hosting a live music show on BBS Radio. I feel compelled to do this, not just because I LOVE radio, but because I see a need to get your attention about music, about playing music in healing nurturing frequencies, about LISTENING TO healing, nurturing frequencies.

I want to take a poll among all the  astrophysicists, light workers, starseeds, healers, federations and factions of white hats and people who, with all of their hearts, want change for good. This is my question: “What percentage of us, all of us inside or outside of these groups mentioned still play and or listen to music in 440 hertz? Do you still play and or listen to music in 440 hertz? If you answered yes, then ask yourself why? Why would you fragment your own DNA?
I first discovered 432 in November of 2014. I read UK researcher and Cymatics physicist John Stuart Reid. I read excerpts from a book by Marie Renold; Intervals, Scales and Tones. I found out that cymatics, visual depictions of sound, fascinated me. But more than anything, I was excited to try this new frequency and see what it was like. It immediately caused me to start thinking of music in a different way. I realized I would need to be in touch with more vibratory systems within my own body just to know if there was a difference. After what I had been through in my life feeling was a scary proposition. As a result, however, my energy nodes started to wake up too…like a girl sitting alone at the dance and suddenly someone notices her and says “hey, let’s dance!” So I started dancing and I haven’t stopped. In fact, the dance is becoming very exciting.
Trust me, my intent was not to become a sound healer! I loved how it made me FEEL! I was hooked from the get-go. The first change that I noticed was impossible to miss. At that point in time I was recovering from a freak accident at work when a forklift operator, who had his forks up inadvertently “bumped” into my back! I suffered herniated discs in my thorax and whiplash. Arthritis in my neck had also become a recent fixture in my life and I had a long history of depression and other emotional illnesses ultimately being diagnosed with PTSD a year prior. So, needless to say, I was on a lot of medications and about 50 pounds overweight. The miracle was on January first, barely 2 months later that I realized I had no pain in my body. I had been trying to ween myself off of the meds about 4 months prior as well so I was perched for a transformation unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I was successful in ceasing the medication solution on that day, January 1st. About 6 days later, I “woke”. I “saw”. I was aware and I immediately realized the medication had prevented me from really knowing anything at a heart level. So many variables shifted and the difference was staggering.
At the time I was in my third season of Unsigned Heroes, a local TV show where I interviewed local musicians and bands. I made 432 a requirement to come on the show as an experiment. I wanted to see if this 432 was just for me or if it was for everybody. The musicians loved it. It made everything more fun. My own band was a little less receptive at first but I did get them to do it and at rehearsals by the time we were into the second or third song we would all start laughing. I felt tingly all over and lighthearted. Our petty squabbles and seeming differences dissolved.
  Inoticed a difference on stage. I felt way more connected to the audience and their response was hysterical at first. I have been on stage since age 6 so I am very comfortable performing and being in front of an audience, it’s a huge part of what I do. But once 432 came into play I saw people respond in stages. At first they would smile broadly, then they would look at their partner or friend, whoever they were with, it was a look of astonishment, like a deer in the headlights. Seconds later they would hug somebody or just start laughing and stay in smile mode the entire time. My songs are heartfelt anyway, but this combined with 432, made the impact really profound. Even tears of joy, or after a performance they would come up to me clutching their chest as if their heart was speaking to me. The frequency opened the door for me to astro-physics and sacred geometry. I am so grateful!
There are many reasons to tune to 432. One of the most compelling reasons for me is to reverse the 440 Hertz tragedy. You may not be aware of the history and the actual conspiracy that led to a mandated 440 worldwide and the casualty of society because of it.
Like any good conspiracy, it’s unnoticeable until the effects are so dire, you don’t know how it happened or how to get out of it. But we do. We know exactly how it happened and what to do about it. In Nazi Germany Geobbels, the propaganda minister shipped 440 tuning forks all over the world. Within 20 years the change was systemic. So, that’s what I am doing. I have opened Music Alchemy Academy and put in a hefty order for tuning forks in 432 to be included in a children’s book and an established musicians workbook. That’s how they were able to conspire to remove The Golden Mean from our music and that is exactly how I am going to work in harmony with all the other new musicians on the planet to restore 432 to humanity and get everybody singing again! Make some noise would you?



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