Mantra for Safety from Archontic Interference


Thank you @dreamweaver333 for the wonderful quote. I changed the title to add a positive sphere around it too.  This card is familiar. Rider Tarot deck card. I also use Osho ZenTarot. 

osho-zen-trump-8-courage regulus2

The Light of Courage surrounds you. The Infinity is the number eight. The Lion is the hardness of the ground, so difficult to get through. A beast, as it were, yet conquerable with the emotional intelligence of the sign of Leo. No coincidences. She has infinity for a crown for she is eternal. The lion has claws and they are extended but he seems more physically excited to have her attention than be angrily passionate to attack. This could be a snapshot of the moment she got his attention. She is obviously at peace. Leo was considered the King. A man of valour. He is a king. He is not blameless, he is now accountable to her for this moment. Maybe it was only a moment, too. Either way, it’s possible or it wouldn’t be pictured here.

You have the power of gentleness in your hands to conquer even the most ferocious beast.

Mantra for Safety From Archontic Interference

End the drama.  Return to ease.  I broker no interference.  No weapon, thought, or action formed against me shall prosper.  My brothers stand around me and my sisters are within me.  Wisdom, let me attend.


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