The Sequency of Earlier Heaven



The polarities/gender of Primary Trigrams of the I CHING. King Wen’s Arrangement is different than original. This is according to Richard Wilhelm edition of I Ching.

First, obviously there is the Primal Arrangement OR Sequence of Earlier Heaven. Makes sense. Then at some point around King Wen in China, a reversal happened. I don’t have the dates. I am working with Wilhelm/Jung. It says the genders of the Sun and Moon aka Positive/Negative were reversed. What resulted was what we use now, The Sequence of Later Heaven or the Inner-World Arrangement. This Inner World Arrangement is the Matrix I presume. So, they are based in the North. The Source of Life, Light generates in the South. So, when the Rulers of Old turned to the South in daily ritual they are saying we get our source from THE LIGHT, which is in the South.



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