Texas California Florida highest concentrations BUT IT IS EVERYWHERE IN THE USA AND HAS BEEN FOR DECADES.  Recently, the biological material is so malevolent, you can get really sick just being outside after they spray. If you pay attention, you can see the effect on people after the spray has settled. People get angry, fight, get depressed, confused. What the fuck! Really? Why is this happening? Well, there have been lots of people asking this question for decades as you can see from the video. It is not production at this point to ask why. To me, the reason is obviously not a good one. If you can accept that, then you can move forward to help those around you and especially yourself. Just like in an airplane, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first. That is what I have been doing since last year. It takes a lot of vigilance to keep yourself above water so to speak, but you must. If you have to, tap into your righteous anger and use that to fuel your self-preservation. That will open up your eyes too so you can help yourself in all areas.

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For both Morgellons and LYME DISEASE try SuperZeo available at biopure.eu. It is designed to remove the biophysical distortion that causes both lyme and skin irritations. Check MMS or the latest version CDS, invented by Jim Humble. Ideal for mouth infections also on the BioPure site. It’s in German but you can translate. Stay indoors as much as you can. IT WON’T BE FOREVER, JUST FOR NOW. BE PATIENT. Wear tight fitting or fitted clothing, cover your head, do not exercise outdoors. Do a physical cleanse of metals with WILD (only wild) blueberries, barley greens, spirulina, atlantic dulse seaweed flakes, drink de-ionized or reverse osmosis re-mineralized water with pink Himalayan salt, borax is an essential, magnesium/epsom salt. These are essential. I repeat: ESSENTIAL! Forget the “organic” labels, most are bogus. Stay away from animal products; meat especially.



I have links for anyone who wants to search further. This is artificial intelligence technology with the morgellons, don’t dismiss disregard this. It’s a disgusting illness but there is help. Lyme is a precursor to this and effects your mental function. No, you aren’t crazy, it’s treatable but you have to know how.

#2.Secret SCIO scalar rife radiation nano bioaura organ healing DNA matrix reactivation e-motion

Lyme disease is also involved in this. I know Lyme is rampant here in Georgia, the infected ones actually have their own support group. Most people do not realize that Lyme is the precursor to Morgellons and affects your mental abilities tremendously. It’s an epidemic but they don’t call it that, they don’t want to alarm people, just kill them slowly unbeknownst to them, that’s all.  Don’t think that these are Americans that are doing this. It isn’t. American people are good people. Their government is hijacked by dual-country citizens who put their own country first, not the american people they are supposed to serve. Their own country is now a ghetto, they have surrounded themselves within a prison because they are so much better than the rest of humanity, they are CHOSEN. I would say “Let them”. I wish we could. We cannot let them because to do that means to allow them to genocide the rest of us. That is their plan. What their limited awareness does not allow is the truth that they are going to destroy themselves too because we are all one, but sadly, they are not known as the most intelligent of species, even though they are supposedly human, but still they continue to destroy all organic life. That is a lesson in psychology I am sure. I am not qualified to delve into that part of it, unfortunately.

It is happening in lots of other countries controlled by Nato OTAN. Yes, it’s known as OTAN across the world – reverse speech is what we get here is the usa- does that reveal anything to you? It should. Look at what they call “God”. It’s not Source, Creative Intelligence, The Highest. It actually is a dog, a Jackal to be specific. The English language is a black magic code, not a real language. That, again, is another intensive study which I will not elaborate on here. What I will say is, look at the video where it’s got the Cartoon Network clip. Just look at the little gremlins who are ordering the chemical weapons. Let’s examine this;

1. They experiment on themselves and kill their brothers. (Holocaust anyone?)

2. They are small creatures, facial hair, kind of troll looking. (neo-neanderthals anyone?)

3. They have the tall being, with a human looking body, do the dirty work. (Military Industrial complex anyone?)

We are the only ones who can save us. That isn’t a bad thing! We are actually in control. It may not look like it on the outside but if you look on the inside, well, what can you do about that? EVERYTHING! Again, you are the only one that can do anything about that. And as they say, a very true statement: AS ABOVE SO BELOW. These things come to our awareness, and now this issue is becoming MASS MEDIA. That means the masses are now going to be aware which is good. The celestial energies are helping us but we have to take a step in that direction, show not just your cooperation, but your intention! We are so powerful, we affect everything we look at and create every time we THINK and SPEAK.


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