Filling My Houses Part VI


Starting with the astrological first house, I am filling each “house” which is more like a room. Each room has different purposes and things in it, all are a reflection of the macrocosme and me. Musings on Monday.

Monday came and went. Capricorn Moon 27 degrees. Cancer Sun 27 degrees. Pluto is there in the back on the left upper section, not the red lens flare which may or may not be a lensflare. Anyone?

House VI is nice because I just came out of V and it was a blast. I have Uranus transits to fuel me and being an adult in house VI is so rich. I identify and feel most signs with the exception of the other two water signs of my very own sign, Cancer. One water sign is enough!

With the natural order of things in play, like wind and fire, moves easier than water more prone to misuse therefore but just as accurate when well intentioned.

Don’t be a stranger!


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