Is It Possible To Know Anything for Certain?

Is It Possible To Know Anything for Certain?

closefountainI see Truth as the shoulder-to-shoulder companion to Wisdom. I do not use them as descriptors, I use them as Nouns, Proper Nouns at that. This is what my studies have revealed to me. Truth, is let’s say, an old grandpa. He is not always around, but his opinion is something that will rise up if you are going the opposite direction from him. He will watch your actions and speak up.

Wisdom is another one; I see Wisdom as an old grandma. (My application of gender isn’t important, only to facilitate understanding.) But listening to Grandma will probably save your life. You are not Wisdom every time you use her advice… I might not ever say that about myself. But Wisdom, please shine your face on me!

Wisdom and Truth don’t find me. I have been looking for them. I seek them fervently and I keep looking, and looking. Even after I find one, they seem to fractal and again, I am looking but now somewhere else. I might find them in tiny fragments at the tail end of an article but I recognize their faces when I see them. I have come to personify all things within my world. The persons whom I am interacting with are characters that have definite qualities that are distinguishable one from another. This is what makes us all unique.

“The Pythagoreans declared Arithmetic to be the mother of the mathematical sciences. This is proved by the fact that Geometry, Music and Astronomy are dependent upon Arithmetic but it is not dependent upon them…geometry may be removed but arithmetic will remain..if arithmetic be removed geometry is eliminated…music depends upon arithmetic, but the elimination of music effect arithmetic only by limiting one of its expressions.” Astronomy was considered “dependent upon both geometry and music…the size, form, and motion of the celestial bodies is determined by the use of geometry; their harmony and rhythm by the use of music…if astronomy be removed, neither geometry nor music is injured; but if geometry and music be eliminated, astronomy is destroyed…Arithmetic is prior to all, it is primary and fundamental.” Manly P. Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages p. 210.

There is one thing we CAN know. I have already answered the question posed in my headline. I think we can know for certain, certain things. I hear many say we cannot know anything because everything is changing. Well, yes the outside world is in a state of tumultuous change. However, arithmetic has not been altered, some think the celestial bodies have altered, music is distorted etc, so there is that. Whether you think they have changed course or not, does not negate arithmetic. We can start with that. It is IMMUTABLE; totally devoid of change. It is measurement. There are different systems of measurement of time and space but the measurement facility is available. The reason I am writing this is to inform those who say they do not know who or what they are, they cannot know what is true, no one knows reality as it is and nothing is real. This indicates simply a lack of knowledge or what the ancients considered to be the only real disease of mankind in general; IGNORANCE. When someone does not understand basic elements like arithmetic and geometry and music, then they have no anchor or foundation upon which to grow and know and be. They will grow and they will know (or as in the case of certain enlightened people- not know) and they will be. It may not go as you want, plan or desire but because of the fractal nature of the universe, all those things happen whether we understand why or not.

Let’s take the word INTENTION. If you have basic understanding of arithmetic, geometry and music your growing, knowing and being will expand according to those inherent truths. You don’t have to make so many adjustments along the way if the blueprint is according to harmonic arithmetic and the subsequent sciences employed. Our current education from birth until adulthood does not include these immutable sciences and therefore most people have no idea how to even access Truth or Wisdom. To me, this is sad. The only reason for this is just lack of knowledge. The remedy is to inform yourself. You can study if you are curious and really want to know what is Truth and Wisdom. The books and teachers are there. I found them. If I found them in my local bookstore, library, online, anyone can. I have no special access privileges. I am curious though. When I woke up consciously last year I realized so much of what I had known was not based on anything even close to harmonious or ordered. So many stories in my life didn’t make sense and I finally accepted that it bothered me that things didn’t make sense. Was I supposed to just accept everything I was told? Even if inside there was discord and grief am I supposed to go forward and create more of this cacophony? I couldn’t. I could not create anything more until I could understand underlying principles that governed all. I kept digging and digging, I found lots of opinions and superfluous ideas flying around like insects above a flame. It still didn’t ring true for me so I bypassed similar dis-harmonious ideas and kept looking until I found it. So, if you already know the underlying schematic and THEN apply intention to grow something more in your life to benefit you and everyone else, it is easy and simple.

The image included in this post is that of the inside cover of Richard Wilhelm’s translation of the I Ching;  Book of Changes and the Forward was written by Carl Jung. I have been utilizing this Oracle for 2 decades. The first 2 years of getting into it were a fog because I had no idea what it meant but I had to try. I began using it after that. Last week I decided to read more sections of the book and found what Wilhelm called The Primal Arrangement or Sequence of Earlier Heaven. It was well known in Ancient China that the I Ching reversed the genders of the Primal Arrangement to create the divinatory figures in what was called Sequence of Later Heaven or Inner-World Arrangement. It is clearly described in the commentary chapters of the book as well. (I Ching-Wilhelm p.269)I had never read that part of the book in the 20 years I have used it so I wasn’t aware that they had done that; male became female and female became male on certain lines and other lines were left alone. Well, therein proves that what we think we know to be true may be opposite in nature to what we are told or believe. Just sayin’! I don’t trust anyone or anything. That means anything of face value has to be contemplated without prejudice before its meaning is understood. I heard this nugget yesterday from a lecture by Mr. Hall. He said: “You do not eliminate the facts to find the truth; you have to press through the facts to find the not-so-obvious truth.”


I also heard another phrase that is equally important, more telling…(anonymous author)  “DON’T TRY TO CHANGE THE FACTS, CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FACTS”

Laziness will kill you. Ignorance is caused by mental laziness. Do we really have to take so much time to understand things? Yeah, we do. New disclosures are occurring as we speak. The new Age of Enlightenment is upon us, however, we have the last few of these same social movements fresh in our minds to learn from. We are PROGRESSIVES. No other human title can suffice. This has never transpired before. Can Humanity forge it’s own evolution and be the wunderkind of the cosmos? I don’t know about you but I see no reason why not. It has nothing to do with ego. It is in our dna to progress. That’s why they say the FRUIT DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE. Grow up little seed, the universe loves all the flowers of all seeds without prejudice. Even the dark seeds give contrast to the light and to the panoply of the”ineffable” human spirit.

I keep discovering more teachers, some have such clear understanding of things…how do you know what to study? I study everything! I don’t need a guru. I need knowledge of the fundamental causes so I can use geometry, music, astronomy with the correct coherence to create what I desire. Harmony results. Concordance results. Clarity is the result and peaceful existence within. Don’t be afraid to question everything. But, in your questioning seek the answers so you aren’t dumb. It is there, it is here. YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT. Yes, truth is immutable, wisdom is available. If someone tells you to the contrary, they are either nihilists in their own universe or simply ignorant and need a little heart-based encouragement to seek for themselves. Both situations can be remedied by studying these elements wherein  our realm was created.

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Wilhelm edition


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