It is truly amazing that a book containing scholarly wisdom thousands of years old, perhaps more, can give a tactical strategy for success in very specific terms with the inner knowledge of exactly what we are going through, right here and now. How did the ancients know about the depth of affliction we now face and the appropriate way to deal with it? Everyone seems to be running around like chickens…you know…we are stumped. We don’t know what to do. Yet here, when you ask, you receive answers. I dared to ask the Oracle Book of Changes – I Ching my questions. In reverence of course, with knowing there is a voice, an eye, that has seen these times before. That is how the archetypes came about. They are lore. They are history. They tell us what happened. They see the cycles from a much larger perspective and preserve life by telling us how to navigate each situation. What they know is based on the Primary Arrangement of the universe and the forces and cycles of life mathematically based. It’s ineffable, beyond me to explain why. Why is there an Astral field? I don’t know, there just is. Why ask why? Why not ask WHAT SHOULD I DO? That seems to be the more practical question. And so…

My questions ranged thus: What am I to do? Will I survive? Am I ever going on tour? Is it ever going to happen?

Obviously I was exasperated. Just, really? Can we get on with this? Everyone and everything is so screwed up! HELP! I feel a close relationship with the entity of this book who has been a constant companion and source of hope for 18 years.

The results are evident, I received a solid game plan. A great new endeavor is coming, that’s for sure. How do we get there? How do we prepare for it? Well, like it says; preparation is movement, when movement meets modesty and devotion it indicates a re-awakening process that cannot be stopped. But, there are things we must do and do correctly, in that order for us to succeed. I also was given the outcome that we would slowly and surely emerge into the light. This is good news! So many bleak predictions, how can one stay focused? How does one know who to follow or what to do? Well, there it says, follow no one. You will open yourself to danger if you do. Don’t be afraid to act alone, have courage because you are connected to an inextinguishable creative force. Is it not perfect? Yes. Of course it is. The universe is wise and loving.

I threw the quarters. Six times I tossed the coins and each time I got a number. That number represents a line. It is either Yang or Yin. That’s it. Yang is solid, Yin is open. This is what I got.yu

Music has power to ease tension within the heart to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The inspiring effect of the mystifying invisible sound that moves all hearts and draws them together, the movements of re-awakening life.

The secret of all natural and human law is movement that meets with devotion. – Yu Enthusiasm

Self Expression, A Door, Something Deeply Mysterious, Leading to The Temple of the Ancestors.

Gather what is needed to meet and enjoy the future. Accumulate Strength and Resources so you can respond spontaneously and fully when the time comes. Prepare things. Take precautions. Think things through so you can move smoothly with the flow of events. It is like riding an elephant that you have previously tamed, a creature of great grace and power. Establish and empower helpers, so your forces can be easily mobilized to respond to any situation. That brings profit and insight. Make ready, be content, rejoice, take pleasure in, get carried away, ready to explode! Being prepared lets you respond spontaneously.

What we see is accumulated energy bounding forth at a sudden call to action.

When Thunder came bursting forth from the Earth, the rulers of earlier times were ready. They aroused delight, made music and thus honoured the power to realize the tao. They exalted the highest spirit and thus became very wise. 


Have a firm purpose and act on it. Yield and build up the capacity to spontaneously respond to a stimulus. This is why you should establish helpers to mobilize your forces. This is the way heaven earth work together, how they create time and order the seasons. The old wise people acted like this. They could respond immediately from their store of power to punish what was clearly wrong and thus the people accepted them. The time of providing for responding is both righteous and great. DIRECTION: Don’t call out to others in order to build up what you need. You will be cut off from the spirits and open to danger. Your purpose will be exhausted. Wait and respond to a REAL stimulus.


The limits you have set for yourself are turning you to stone. Don’t even complete one more day – Putting your ideas to the trial generates meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative energy. Make correcting your position your central concern. DIRECTION: Release bound energy. The situation is already changing.

Don’t be skeptical and don’t procrastinate. Whatever you have to provide for, do it or you will most certainly be sorry. This situation is not appropriate. DIRECTION: Be very careful at the beginning. Don’t be afraid to act alone. You are connected to a creative Force.

The reserves are there to meet the challenge. HAVE NO DOUBTS. You will acquire what you desire and the power to express what is important to you. You will join people together like a hair clasp gathering the hair. Your purpose can move great things. DIRECTION: Don’t take the lead. Be open to new ideas. Provide what is needed.

You are confronting affliction, sickness, disorder, anger and hatred. Keep on. It won’t kill you. You are riding a firm, persisting force. Your centre has not been extinguished. DIRECTION: Gather things and people for a great new endeavor. Proceed step by step. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

You are groping in the dark and you are mis-informed about the situation, which will probably change for the worse. The only thing you can accomplish here is to deny false assertions and connections. The situation isn’t your fault, but it is obscuring your values. Why let it go on any longer? Climb out of the caveDIRECTION: You will slowly and surely emerge into the light. Re-imagine the situation. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

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  1. 豫 YU is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 16. With inner and outer trigrams forming thunder over Earth, this Hexagram is called ‘enthusiasm’ or alternatively named ‘providing for’ or ‘excess’. Hexagram 16 is the inspiration to celebrate in order to help others feel more energized.
    Celebration is a way to restore the spirit and bring more vitality into life. There are many ways to celebrate that will ignite a new sense of well being that won’t be detrimental to success.

    If we continue to succeed without any reward or recognition, then it becomes harder to stay on that same path of achievements. Taking the time to celebrate what has already been accomplished helps renew the spirit in order to start again.


    Hexagram 16 calls for an exciting new phase in the life path. Celebrating accomplishments is a great way to bring a wave of new energy into the work place or it can allow the strengthening of bonds between loved ones.

    With every pro, there is also a con. While celebrating can have many positive effects, too much excessive partying can have the opposite effect. Going out every night to ‘celebrate’ without a reason can often lead to obsessive behaviors.

    This constant celebration can start to affect our daily lives and can take away from aspects of life that are more important. Putting more focus into celebrating than actually enjoying life is detrimental and can single us from those we care about most.

    I Ching Hexagram 16 – Personal Goals:
    There is always a reason to celebrate and can be as small as appreciating a good day or discovering a new aspect about life. Hexagram 16 reminds us to take time to have a good time from time to time, and enjoy life. It is possible to personally reward yourself in small acts of celebration.

    I Ching Hexagram 16 – Love:
    Sometimes personal celebration is necessary in order for change to occur, like a thunderstorm passing through a dry land, it brings new life into the earth and can allow change to progress. When we want to celebrate life instead of accomplishment, inviting friends and loved ones to participate will allow this new spirit of life to infect those around us.

    IChing Hexagram 16 – Career & Business:

    If there has been a recent success in the work place, take the initiative to bring together every member of the work team in order to celebrate the accomplishment. This time of celebration isn’t meant for just one person, but to be shared with everyone that is involved with the achievement.

    There are many benefits from celebrating with a work team. It can help relax the heavy atmosphere that sometimes fills a work area during periods of high stress. Celebration can help associates feel recharged which allow them to return to work with a different positive attitude. Continuing to inspire fellow associates will allow the progression for further success.

    ENTHUSIASM. It furthers one to install helpers
    And to set armies marching.

    Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:
    The image of ENTHUSIASM.
    Thus the ancient kings made music
    In order to honor merit,
    And offered it with splendor
    To the Supreme Deity,
    Inviting their ancestors to be present.

    ‘Enjoy life to the fullest’ is a mantra that can help satisfy the mind and revitalize the soul. It is important to recognize the positives in life and enjoy them while they last. In times of success, celebrate the accomplishment and strengthen yourself by building up your confidence.

    There will come a time when life gets too busy in order to celebrate with friends or coworkers. As long as personal celebration doesn’t turn into a bad habit that will only separate us from those we need most, it is OK to take time out of life to build on social skills



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