Gather Energy For A Decisive New Move

Gather Energy For A Decisive New Move


When thunder comes bursting forth from the earth, the rulers of earlier times were ready. They aroused delight! Made music! And thus, honored the power to realize the times, tao. They exalted the highest spirit and thus became very wise.

Have a firm purpose and act on it!

Yield and build up the capacity to respond to a stimulus!

This is why the old world worked so well.

This is why you should establish helpers to mobilize your forces.

This is the way heaven and earth work together,

how they create time and order the seasons.

The old wise people acted like this.

They could respond immediately from their store of power to

punish what was clearly wrong and thus the people accepted them.

The time of providing for responding is both righteous and great!

Don’t call out to others; Wait and respond to real stimulus. A FERTILE SHOCK IS COMING

Gather energy for a decisive new move!


The limits you have set for yourself are turning you to stone.

Don’t even complete one more day.

Putting your ideas to the trial

generates meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative energy.

Make correcting your position your central concern.

Release bound energy – the situation is already changing!


Don’t be skeptical, don’t procrastinate.

Be very careful at the beginning, don’t be afraid to act alone.



The reserves are there to meet the challenge. Have no doubts. You will acquire what you desire and the power to express what is important to you. You will join people together like a hair clasp gathering the hair.



Direction: Don’t take the lead. Be open to new ideas. Provide what is needed. You are confronting affliction, sickness, disorder, anger, hatred. Keep on. It won’t kill you.YOU ARE RIDING A FIRM, PERSISTENT FORCE. YOUR CENTRE HAS NOT BEEN EXTINGUISHED.

Direction: Gather things and people for a great new endeavor. Proceed step by step. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

You are groping in the dark and you are mis-informed about the situation,

which will probably change for the worse.

The only thing you can accomplish here is to deny false assertions and connections.

The situation isn’t your fault, but it is obscuring your values. Why let it go any longer?


Direction: You will slowly and surely emerge into the light.

Re-imagine the situation. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

We can do this. With all my heart.


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  1. express your sentiments if you like. It’s number 16…a bit different perspective of it…focused on this one paragraph expands and shows an even deeper meaning.


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