Sex Agenda Getting Old Meet The Sylphs

Sex Agenda Getting Old Meet The Sylphs

I have noticed in the last few weeks in youtube astrologers…I watch dozens so if this isn’t you, don’t be offended. It isn’t isolated into any particular region, in addition to my home country I watch European, Asia, Far East, South American. Anyway, what I have noticed is that in tarot or astrological aspects there is an unexpected focus on aberrant sexual relations. Literally, here are the tarot interpretations mentioned in the past few weeks; s&m, anal play, bondage…okay. I know what human sexual function is, it is part of the creation process. My feeling, here however, is that the widespread appearance of late of these suggestions, where they had not existed within my viewership of the very same channels over the past year, is only an encroachment of the Luciferian and Ahrimiac influences within my beloved astrology.

A perverted sexual agenda is part of the destruction of the divine human spirit that is built on the harmonious balance of the negative-positive polarity that exists in our universe.

Sexual unity is achieved within the realization and manifestation of the integration/interrelation of the divine feminine and divine masculine. These cannot be achieved with violations of natural law and violations of spiritual consent.

The realm they operate in may exist with the elementals, the Sylphs, who can be or indeed are the Archontic. We have been in Air signs of late; lots of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius aspects, this is where their domain is. They are reasoning, sanguine, language. Pay attention to what astral fields you are tapping into and the conversations there. You may hear things but they may not be from you. They may be in the collective group mind that has been infected with the archontic hive mind agenda. I only notice a few of these happening but it shows me that maybe they mean well, maybe they don’t even realize that sylphs have snuck in, maybe they have no agenda intended at all. Regardless of that, if they are not discerning the thought bodies hovering in the 4th and 5th dimensions and they go there for contact, they can be seduced into propagating someone else’s agenda, and abdicating their own platform unawares. It is your responsibility as an astrologer, an intuitive, a Tarot reader to distinguish who is who in your mind-scape and make sure you are authentic to your own heart. In addition, the fact that you have clients makes you responsible for the readings you give as well. When you put your shingle out there, whether you have official credentials or not, you are saying “You can trust me”.

Astrologers, Tarot Readers; If you want business you are going to want people to trust you. You want to be able to trust yourself, your career depends on it as well as your self worth

What I know about the 4th and 5th dimensions is that is where the Archontic, Angelic, Infernal non-bio entities reside. I plan to travel to the 7th where Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Steiner reside. You will be presented with whatever you believe. We are not chained to each other so you are free to go where ever you want.

Zen No-Mind state is essential practice on a regular basis in order to clear the mind-scape.

Like taking a shower after a day in the fields, wash off that old residue, brush your hair, wash your face, tai chi movement or myofascial release unwinding, massage too. Drink lots of loved water and look up in attitude, straighten your posture, listen to the birds and the trees, the roaring ocean, music that is balanced and sacred, speak to your ancestors invoking love and wisdom, witness the gyrations of the density without being embroiled in it. That is what I call the Zen No-Mind state.

You can also direct the mind if it is particularly bothersome. Send it into a cabinet for an hour. Close the door. Go back after an hour and let it out. Practice being in charge of that and flex your muscles so to speak. It’s adept and adult to do this. That is evolving, maturing. That is what everyone is trying to achieve, but you cannot achieve it by striving. It is the striving that is the problem. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. There are none there. You can stop asking questions too once you get into No-Mind because you will rest. Much needed mental rest.

Recharge by understanding that




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