Pandoras Box Has Been Opened – Meet the Spirit of Hope



It is a shame we are put in this predicament, I guess. We want to make things right in our world, be the ‘merica we thought we were and were always told we were but indeed, have fallen desperately short  of and now are ashamed as if it was us that did it.  We see the carnival-of-crazy in the form of candidates for President before our eyes and we do not want to be a part of that.

THEY are crazed, drunk in their own serum of embroiling deceit that apparently is combustably spiraling out of control and in it’s last petering out breath.

That is actually the good news. You must understand this aspect of what is happening. As they are dying in energetic influence we CAN celebrate. We should, it is the proper thing to do to show devotion to our guardians for their works to help us get here. We didn’t do this alone. We ought to give credit where due. HERE is where we are now. We are preparing to participate in the rising up of the good. It’s like YIN AND YANG people. It really is. We are coming to manifestation. Everything good you have wanted to do and be all of your life is becoming fashionable. Cool, huh?  Start gathering those things like a hair clasp gathers the hair. Get busy, there is so much to learn and do. Don’t focus on the doom and gloom. Sing, play music in reverence and devotion. Do things differently; give a damn, give to the bottom instead of taking from the bottom like our former society’s modus. Change your modus! That could mean changing direction. Are you taking from the vulnerable or easy opportunity? In former times, it seemed everything “trickled” to the top; taxes, rules, ordinances, you know the drill. We all do it, we had been posited in the opposite direction because we had to follow the norms of society even if it was wrong. We didn’t know at the time. But you can change the well you drink from if it doesn’t taste satisfactory. Service to others modus is a blissful existence. You should try it!

It is egregious only if I have a false sense of superiority. Why am I ashamed? Did I shirk on my own responsibility and got caught up in serving my whims because I am independent and must survive? Survival has its place but it doesn’t go far enough.  How are we independent? We aren’t. That is a big lie. We are mutually inter-dependent on each other and that is not a bad thing. It is THE thing. It is the WHOLE THING. Get over yourself! Catch up or be left behind.

The rest of the world sees what we are going through and are hoping we can overcome. Most of us are descendants of theirs anyway. The nations of the world, most of which have been inflicted by these amoral agents, all have their eyes on us. A lot of those agents live here and germinated their ideas and corporate R&D here in USA. The world knows this. Why don’t you? What will you do? Will Americans wake up from their hypnotic state? I have heard broadcasts all over the planet of commentators asking each other; What is wrong with Americans? Why do they continue to follow along? I know it’s not everyone and every single day it seems more are being jolted to life. That is good news for all of us.

Don’t lose heart and do not isolate! We must come together. That includes me too. I need to accept my religious friends and I hope to see the good in them reach its potential. I don’t like religions and avoid them. How can one? It seems everyone has their shingle to hang on the door but me. Oh well, I don’t have to have a shingle but I can hear you out if you will exchange the same courtesy to me.

No one can claim they are the only ones that have truth. No one who tries will succeed. If they want a loving world, PROVE IT BY ALLOWING OTHERS TO SHINE IN THEIR OWN TRUTH. You will have to re-imagine truths that other people possess may conflict with the sacred cows and dogmas you still own and may or may not admit. No one needs to prove anything to anyone, I must remember this. Find a common purpose; gather forces, provide what is needed. Think from your heart.

And what about voting? I thought I would not vote. I don’t have desire to become embroiled in the carnival. But I have had a change of heart and mind and this is why; Should I vote? Yes, vote! How could we possibly prosecute voter fraud and show their shame? (case in point; NY and Bernie Sanders – the public is suing the election commission – NY Times). Britain voted to leave the European Union. No one could believe it! They couldn’t hide MILLIONS OF MILLIONS OF VOTES. Even if they reverse the people’s vote in Parliament, it still gave inspiration to the WHOLE OF EUROPE AND THE WORLD. So many countries are raising up objections, the people have woken up and are STANDING UP! LEGALLY! There is nothing they can do now.

I once read that the only spirit that remained in Pandora’s Box after all the nasties were released was that spirit called…wait for it….HOPE. I am not kidding or making this up. Last year I saw a video about Pandora’s Box being in Britain – curious! Could it be? Did they open Pandora’s Box finally and see what was actually inside? Was it Hope? Is HOPE released? I believe so. I do believe HOPE was released from Pandora’s Box in Britain on June 23. I see it. It is an AVALANCHE!!!  YAY US!

The Rule of Law is a higher vibration than LAWLESSNESS. Hope is higher than despondency. The Superior rules the Inferior- that is natural law. Do not miss the miracle! You never know what could happen. It might be a MIRTH QUAKE AND NOT SO EARTH SHATTERING. Do you really think Creator would subject you to that? Have we had enough tribulation? Can we move on to the next Aeon please? Think outside the box. Re-imagine the situation, gather energy for a decisive new move, ask His help. As we work in the dark so-to-speak with the blackout of the press, we are working toward the times of a global awakening! Astrology and Bloggers have opened the celestial heavens to my mind and it started the ball rolling. We are water droplets forming waves in a vast sea but, what would the sea be without us? What IS the sea besides waves? Nothing! That should show you how important you are, just you. And then just another and another. Creation would be less without you, see? Yes, the situation might look bleak. Yes, I admit I am probably over my head. But, so what? What else is new? My “NEW” is my understanding of all that is, is so much greater than I ever let myself believe it to be. Eyes open! No fear!


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