Welcome Home From Above



jupiter inlet

Welcome Home From Above

Today you shine with the Sun

Your houses are new, the building has begun

Fill your life with growing things,

The moon and the stars and rocks all sing

We honor you our sweet daughter

We truly love you in all ways that matter

You survived it all, so now rejoice

For the world is open wide for you

There is no earthly gain that will suffice

Even though the mountains and fields are full of life

Real nuggets of gold are in your soul

And can never part from you

We surround you on this day

With a love so bright

There will be no mistake of who you are

And why you are here…

The Milky Way and all its might

Will still be well, through the dark night

The father is sure, the mother is kind

Not just on earth, but in your mind

You have all that you need

Don’t go looking for more

All that awaits, all that is in store

Is all you can imagine, all that you adore!

So sing! We love to hear you sing!

The Logos, the Music of the Spheres

Creating streets paved with your feet

And Golden Rays that are providing the heat

The warmth of the Sun, the Upgrade of Love

The dark night is over…Welcome home from above.


Copyright 2016 Mardi Garcia/BMI

Audio in progress (Capo 4 frets C# key)


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