Blood On The Ground


Blood On The Ground

I know that where ever I have been, where ever I go, I leave a mark on that place, tracks, if you will. This song is about realizing that much blood of humanity has been spilled on the ground. Some of this Blood could be those you knew, or someone in your family. They are never forgotten but something tells me it will be discovered that even one drop of blood is a fractal of the whole person. And if so, then the blood on the ground is a person and if it was me, I would want someone to ask me how I was, if I was okay, or to just acknowledge that it happened. So I did ask them. No matter where they are, they have a right to live. biggood

Maybe me bringing them along and listening to their stories will make them feel better. Not alone. It may sound far fetched, but, is it really beyond the scope of reality?


Blood on the Ground

There’s Blood on the ground
I can feel it, can you feel it underfoot?
I’m leaving tracks everywhere I go
It doesn’t matter, who’s gonna know?

Take them along, listen to their stories.
Ask them how they’ve been.
Take them along, listen to their stories
They have a right to live.

©2016 Mardi Garcia


released July 27, 2016
to all the souls whose blood has been spilled.


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