Magnolia Blooms in Late Summer



Magnolia Blooms in Late Summer

Gigantic beautiful white blooms popping up on a fairly young magnolia tree dwarfed by the much taller older pine and cedar trees it lives amongst. The Planet Venus moves into Virgo today and I have amends to make to Virgo for telling her to fuck off last month when the Sun went into Leo, I was so relieved after the watery grave of Cancer this year. It was so heavy, Leo came in, and I really wanted Virgo to chill out (stfu). Where were you on December 12, 2012?  I am repentant, Virgo, can you forgive me?

As the summer advances and a wisp of autumn can be sensed somehow, the lush greenery utilizing every hue of green and the brilliant contrasts of large yellow butterflies and hot pink flowers on the growing hibiscus tree in front of the window. Everything is growing, still! The tree I cut down in the spring as it leaned against the power lines has somehow got the babies so long and tall they reach it again! I’m not complaining, I am observing. At night the fireflies are like a continuous mini asteroid shower and the rustles of the wind in the woods moves in swirls of sound almost on command. Did I say magical? No, I didn’t but I offer whatever clumsy words I can muster to describe life day to day immersed in heart chakra color therapy.

Last year my heart’s desire yearned for unpacking, or like the lotus that begins to unfold, the petals open to light and knowledge. I am beginning the descent into the 12th house of that event, the day I made the decision to put my actions where my heart was. I followed the “water”, there was a stream guiding me because I had learned to trust what I had re-membered inside myself. That unfoldment produces something great; there is a gratitude that oozes from that foundation that is effortless and fills all consciousness with, indeed, a blissful, emotionally intelligent sensation which has become a new phenomenon for this clairsentient super-sensible girl.  (Superpowers? Check.)




About Music Alchemy

originally thought music. Music has power to ease tension within the heart to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The inspiring effect of the mystifying invisible sound that moves all hearts and draws them together - the movements of re-awakening life. The secret of all natural and human law is movement (preparation) that meets with devotion. - Yu Enthusiasm

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