Gaslighting Courtesy of Zen Gardner




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The following video was so difficult to watch but I am trying to lend some humanity to the public lynching of Zen Gardner. It’s got to stop. So, everyone; TO YOUR CORNERS! BE AUTHENTIC NOT AGGRESSIVE. I am sad to witness this. The reason for the difficulty for me is because it’s awkward and painful to see someone who has guided me in his writings, to have Zen called to the carpet like this. I do not know his astrology but I feel that the sign of Libra is in play here for several reasons. One is if he has Libra that means Zen has his 10th house, also called the Midheaven in the sign of Cancer. To me the Cancer Midheaven is saying; “The higher they climb the harder they fall”. This is the vulnerability of Cancer MC because that means he has a Capricorn IC. Capricorn IC is sad, too, because it means he was not supplied with the necessary emotional love from his family of origin. Cancer Midheaven by Alyssa Sharpe. As Alyssa describes, a Cancer MC has so much psychic energy and memory, they are keen to feel what people think of their public posts and persona. Because they have such vulnerability, they are targets for getting emotionally attacked by public opinion. Not all Cancer MC’s will fall publicly, she points out, but obviously, Zen is going through this.

About the Cult Participation of much of our generation: I was in a cult and got married in it, had children. I guess what worked in my favor was the abuse toward me after the children were born made me squirm big time. I did everything I could to rock the boat but eventually it capsized and I drowned in emotional and personal suffering for many years. I wanted to succeed to the height that Zen has, he is older than I, but even so, I did want that. I wanted that success but it eluded me and I am now, after 19 years, finally seeing the Ascendant Capricorn sun rise in my life, Saturn has been patient with me, as he is known to be and I’m not underground anymore. I am infused with the strength of Saturn and now have a beautiful future to look forward to. It has been an incredibly bumpy ride!

No one in their human mind would condemn Zen for his journey or for his disclosure. I do not believe anyone does. I know I do not. If I could see his astrological chart I would know better, but suffice to say, this personal life event he is experiencing right now is eclipsing his initial life goals that he was riding the successful manifestation of for some time. So, I feel there is a Libra sun sign, but a Gemini Ascendant because Gemini’s can be duplicitous, in other words, it would be easier to lie than to say your truth if that particular truth is unpopular.  Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s are fastidious talkers but also can lie or speak occluded with ease because of the pathology of what the negative manifestation of Gemini can be. With astrology, you have to learn the negatives and positives of your chart to compensate for, literally, the wobble. We all know Earth’s balance is off by 23 degrees. That is why, I am convinced, we need to study our natal charts because our planet is off balance, hence we are off balance too.

If you study your chart and the transits, there will be a portal opening at some auspicious time to enable you to tell the truth, particularly an uncomfortable one that will bring the tension necessary to raise your frequency.  One always comes, say, when Pluto is trine to Gemini or your third house. You must do it boldly and earnestly because once the transit passes, whichever one it is, then it will be another entire orbit, potentially years, before you can get another chance when the planet comes back around. You wouldn’t even know how to access these energies if you don’t follow your own astrology.

The guilt of being in the cult he has worked so hard to compensate for that and it’s valid! He has helped many millions I imagine. But, the fact that he was forced to disclose his participation in the Family, and did not tell his audience about that fact in his initial “Missing Years” post makes him look guilty! He must have known that any facts related to his disclosure would be vetted out in public. Is he guilty of being duped by professional manipulators? NO, only if we all carry that same guilt. As we become aware of these manipulations and detach ourselves from them, we remove our guilt and work to clear our connections. My only point here is what he is guilty of is simply not trusting his audience, his readers, to be able to handle the REAL TRUTH right up front.  As I was listening to the video, I wished I was hearing more of that.  It’s only lack of knowledge. I support his journey, however that may be, just like I support all humankind to evolve naturally. Had he come clean right out of the gate, he would have disarmed many people who are lynching him now. He did not. He might have had a lack of courage to do that. He may have been shortsighted about the reaction. He may have been thinking more of how he could “Gemini” his way out of it. Regardless of the reason, he was not forthcoming with his reasons for bringing it up even with people who are devoted to him. Whether anyone sees this or not, well…that’s why they call it the “elephant in the living room”. It’s big, but easy to miss if it matches the wallpaper.




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  1. I´d like to add a very telling comment from this article to hint to that pages but also to bring some substantial facts into the discussion for those who did not read them yet or never would read the whole comment section as i do:

    I just received this message from a woman who was actually at Tony Robbin’s event where Dawn shared her experience/trauma of being in the Children of God cult: the first video in my article: (from 50min – 58min) There was way more to it. With her permission, I post her message here (my capitals for highlighting):

    “I watched “I am not your Guru” [documentary] and actually it was fascinating because I was actually at that event. I had no idea it was being taped. I remember each and every person who stood up…and most especially Dawn. Her story was so riveting and powerful it touched all of us deeply as I don’t think anyone could ever forget it. The actual time spent with her and Tony was more like 2 hours and she went into great detail about what happened to her.

    Dawn (Sol) said she was “fucked by a billion fathers” to ‘show her love for Jesus’ and forced to watch her brother and mother be sexuall abused in front of her as well. I will nevEr forget her story or those words. Please don’t feel sorry for ZG he is very very sick and what they did to those kids is unfathomable. Even in the end, Dawn found a way to forgive all of her perpetrators, by working with a guru for several years…who then became sick with cancer and was dying…and he said he wanted her to have sex with him so he could be closer to God. She freaked out and almost killed herself…thats how she ended up at Tony’s…it was her last hope. She sold everything she owned and bought a ticket. Im so glad it worked out for her but these guys are everywhere…its so sad. But thank you for trying to expose this and doing it in a rational and intelligent way. Don’t be afraid to tap into your masculine protective warrior tho that is what is truly needed in this world now more than ever! Thank you!”


    “Does Ferguson want forgiveness? Fine. Then, go find your victims. Ask THEM. “We” (the so-called), alternative/truth/consciousness community are busy dealing with the credibility body count now almost daily. Yes, Zen, your consciousness wave came—and it’s a bitch.
    Is there forgiveness? Only AFTER there is contrition. DO NOT continue taking your sainted blog podium to admonish “us” about our harshness, our indignation, over the betrayal you performed, not once, but the many times you presented yourself as a sage, a voice, a prophet of wisdom—while HIDING in plain sight!
    Shut down your website—except for your confession. Shut down your public podium and speaking—and shut your fucking mouth, until the time when you really have made the inner U-Turn back to humanity. We are all flawed beings, but amongst the flawed also dwell monsters. And the enablers who hide them. Zen Gardner has hidden for 40 years. We don’t confuse good soil with fertilizer. Goodbye.”

    – Randy Maugans

    Now, keep diggin´people.
    “The truth is never easy!”


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  2. wow, what an honor to watch someone become adept in front of my eyes! thank you Mate for the wonderful comment! It is only through friction, aka tension, that we grow and change. Like the husk of the seed is obliterated when the plant breaks free to see the sun, you have shattered childish thinking, indeed, all earthly institutions are that husk. I hope you realize too, that the Tony Robbins video was most likely planned. I know you said, what synchronicity! Yes, but also, there is such a thing as synchronized, meaning it was timed to perfection. I think Zen has been riding high for so long, however, the energies on our planet are such that all occlusions are coming to the surface, including this pandemic of child sexual depravity. Natural law is being restored and it’s not something these creeps want, but they’ve had their day. Now it’s time to pay the piper but you know they always want to blame someone to take the attention away from them. They needed someone to bag and boy oh boy, they did. You should check out my youtube channel. I would love to hear your comments on some of my work there.

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  3. Thanks for your response.
    It is an enlightening experience to say the least, to wittness the whole issue unfold.
    Also wittnessing myself in the process is very telling and actually i´ve already learned a lot and see it more to be a gift than a curse.
    I love this sentence of Tony Robbins in the new video ´I am not your guru´:

    Life is happening FOR you, not TO you!

    What a synchronicity that it came out only a mere week before the Zen-thing started!
    I guess you know it by now and also the part where he works with Dawn, a former member of the CoG. It starts at 50 minutes.
    In fact i started out from my heart, too when he came out about it.
    I have shit in my cellar, too.
    It was only after Soren´s and Steve´s articles and the immediate RELIEF- maybe a paradox to some, but my unconscious would have known all along- that i felt, that i came to understand that i had been spun into a web of cultish perception towards him, but still my empathy was up and is in a way. I see eyes that feel, although it is fear, disgust, arrogance, desperation and some others, but feelings not coldness and calculation only. I sense he´s not only a perpetrator but a victim of the bigger game as well on different levels, which is often the way in the way things work out. Sadly and unfortunatedly but in a way coherent.

    The way he deals with the process is disappointing to say the least.
    But then i feel that he is not only a controller of minds but controlled himself and most probably under an influence not consciously aware to him. He is made to do it that way.
    It´s funny, but there are often several ways the things we say and write can be interpreted and often in ways we would have never anticipated.
    Your response shines some light on my internal process and also gives me some new points to start from.
    ” The cabal, the organized governments and their puppets have created a mechanized extraction with the aim of plucking ALL OF THE CHILDREN out of their loving parent’s grasp on an industrial scale. ”
    You´re certainly right and it´s my daily concern to protect my own children from the insanity and make them go out of harms way- and there are so many forms of harming going around!
    But your statement also apllies to the Zen- thing as it is on several levels created by the cabal to divide and conquer the alternative media community and to put shit on everything spiritual, exposing conspiracies and every theme you could ever have found on Zen´s site.
    In a way Zen- or let´s better call him Don, because he´s not Zen- is or was a father figure to many.
    Now with the revelations coming forth there are a lot of his “children” jumping off the wagon, shaking off the childish devotedness and come to see the ugly face of the “father” , thus kicking them out of the comfort zone, out of their “childhood” in a way.
    I certainly can feel that, although i was not in a hype for him or read everything he posted or else.
    I just realized how and to what extent i could have been manipulated to not see some red flags and to lull myself in a kind of newage-bubble although i even have a certain antipathy for it, because of the imbalances in it that are mindfully created to catch some newbies into a shiny spiderweb.
    So unintentionally to the cabal there´s not only a process of division inside the “conscious” community- what they may want and nourish- but also an additional awakening process by the disillusionment and the shock to many, as is the result with every evil they perpetrate these days.
    This may be something you were not consciously intented to say but it´s in it, too 🙂
    Furthermore it is quite interesting and telling to wittness how people behave in the light of all that, especially the more famous figureheads and the alternative media sites.
    You can see the wheat is divided from the chaff and that is a good thing as well, because otherwise we might have never known.

    I actually like to be dis- illusioned, dis- enchanted, dis- affected.
    I am thankful for the opportunity to grow in discernment.
    I follow the unravelling play daily very interested.


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  4. No worries Mate! I figured by what you said that we were on the same page…this article was posted on the UK alt site so hopefully it will get out to more people. I didn’t see any harm in bringing some compassion to the subject, in fact, that heart-centered place enables me to think clearly and have that discriminating process to navigate these murky waters we live in. Thank you for your passion. The larger picture is connected here. The cabal, the organized governments and their puppets have created a mechanized extraction with the aim of plucking ALL OF THE CHILDREN out of their loving parent’s grasp on an industrial scale. It is truly mind boggling, and so gigantic, it is difficult to actually see it. I appreciate the comments.

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  5. Sorry to the author for the harsh words.
    I swear i´ll read till the end next time.
    Glad to see some conscious responses.
    I´m sick of seeing evil be justified by ignorance.
    Made me shoot i little too fast.


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  6. Sorry to say, but
    you seem to suffer a severe case of cognitive dissonance.
    “ZEN” was forced by an ultimatum to come out and he very much failed to do it himself.
    He was part of the COG for 27!!! years, a LEADER and a media handler, now he professionally plays the victim card.
    This man´s a liar and a pedophile and it´s hard to bear to see that there´s still people who advocate him and his sociopathic behaviour.
    Get your head out of the sand and READ:

    just for the beginning!
    By the way, up to last week i was a yearlong visitor and supporter of his work.
    After his first article, i would have given him a handshake, but only until i read some other sorces, did some research and read his next responses.
    This guy´s sick to the bone and i only will change my viewpoint, when i see him disclosing 100% of what he exactly did, connecting to victims of the COG, giving some huge loads of SORRIES
    ( instead of attacking his critics- for fuck´s sake!!!) and true humility and insight in his own participation WHICH WAS NOT A MINOR ONE, and some major steps more to come!!!
    I haven´t see him doing ANYTHING of the above, but diminishing, spinning, attacking, celebrating himself and foremost LYING!


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