As Above So Below


As Above So Below     c.2017 Music Alchemy


Galactic Center courtesy astrodienst

As above so below, I am here I will not go
They must flee there is no space
for both light and dark In the same place.

I’ve given you notice I will not hunt you down.
Whoever knows where they be, the corpses in the ground,

Speak it out, don’t hold back! You carry the key
To freedom from attack for them and for me

They cry for release, Long years they’ve been held
In darkness they dwell, Have mercy, please tell!

There is no purpose for mystery now
The dead have arisen, the angels they bow

The upright stand tall, they don’t stand down
Dark matter is reclaimed for the Light and is crowned.

Each of us holds our destiny, the future is now
Release the secrets from their unwilling capture, with your truth and your vow.

Silence isn’t golden, it is darkness and pain, The joy of song will be heard again.
Open your mouth, your voices for the good, As above, so below, the truth is what’s understood.
c.2017 musicalchemy


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