9 Months in Room #4 – that’s what it took

I was hired at a rustic lodge in Big Bend country in West Texas to do FENG SHUI for 3 weeks. There I had the opportunity to experiment with stone flooring, vintage woodwork, garages, cactus landscaping and developed some fabulous formulas for General Cleaner, No Streak Glass/Hard Surface Spray, Mildew Spray, custom Essential Oil aromatherapy and streamlined the processes. We had 24 suites/rooms on the property and day to day the housekeeping staff would report to me what results they got from the revisions. It was an incubator. The most striking thing was when I boiled water in a pan on the stovetop and dropped a few drops of lavender oil in it..these women, who were willing to don the gloves, mask and hazmat suit to clean Room #4 which became the key apparently to my current destiny. When Walt in Room #4 moved out, his wife sent her condolences knowing what we were going to have to deal with. It sat there for 3 weeks empty with the lodge losing $250 a day on it not cleaned and rentable. It was busy season! So, the manager came to me and wanted to give me that room as a specimen, to put me to the test. She offered, this Aries pioneer threw the gauntlet down. I accepted the challenge organically…what else is there? I’m NOT redecorating, I’m NOT janitorial. I harmonically and hygienically rebalance the environment that is touched, breathed, sensed. Think about this, almost all home cleaning products are endocrine disruptors that fuck with young women dramatically, They are usually the housekeepers.  My real passion is to stop this poison to women in all the world. Most industries have to abide by codes, These “standard housecleaning chemicals” are consider so toxic, they have to be locked up in expensive metal cabinets, OSHA is all over them! But, everyday,  women grab it and clean the toilet then pour that chemical down the drain and we all get poisoned. I can’t stand it. So, the housekeeping staff, these 5 women, instead, used steam, vinegar, lemons and like a spa full of aromatherapy, we filled up the room with lavender, essential oil lemon essential oil, spot cleaned mildew with tea tree oil and we had a blast! They sang all the way home.
I do the cleaning. Why? Because someone has to show people, by example, how to do it!

How do you re-establish a healthy breathing/touching environment inside your home? WE NEED TO BREATHE!!!

The city here promotes recycling of home cleaning chemicals and has free pickup. Why? The Water Department has it’s hands full keeping the drinking water supply free of these chemicals. We are all drinking it…they do not have the ability to remove 100% of cleaning products out of the water supply. So they want people to put them on the street so they can pick them up. Street service, like TRASH SERVICE. Weekly! People do not know that what industry and marketing have put into our homes as grocery cleaners are hazardous waste. IT IS. People don’t realize how saturated we are inside our breathing/living environments inside our homes etc. They do not know because the damage has been done and as such, they don’t care. Well, I care. Someone has to do this. I am doing it, I plan to keep it up and I plan to “speak” it up too.
Initially I began this way because of my allergies. I’m the Canary in the Coalmine. That’s a good thing because NOW I have a solution just it time, now that it’s hit the general population en masse.
Heritage Housekeeping Technologies c.2017
Harmless Housekeeping Advisors c.2017
Happy Holistic Housekeepers c.2017
I have set up a products page on calendly.com/heritagehousekeepingtechnologies.
This is local, household, hands-on breathing/touching/sensory environment restoration, Your work/school/home/personal flow chart should be assisting you in your goals. So, I come and make it so.  It’s very intuitive believe it or not. I use my empathic facilities, which is a good use for them, it keeps them busy and me out of trouble.
Consider that’s it time you had an Extreme Make Over for Your Personal Housekeeping.

While living in Athens Georgia last year, I house-sat for a young family on a weeklong live-in experience. I finished in 5 days.  I have another 5 large scale projects completed. I have done it while people stayed in the home but it is not optimal. It’s very simple, remove dead and stagnant places and things, renew the “good”, clean the yard, make recreational space, build firepits, make space available, using their own things. My goal is to update their feng shui to the current “times”. Upgrade your Environment too! It needs to assist their work/school/personal flow chart. We can do these things! So, I make it so. It’s like an Extreme Make Over for Your Personal Housekeeping. 


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