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Music Alchemy Rides Again – Show Me The Good!


Astrology is powerful. Once I began studying my own chart almost 4 years ago I knew I would never use the word the “coincidence” again. In a neutral sense co-incidence is fine, it literally means incidences happening in relation to each other or at the the same time. However, since the word is weaponized to discredit real phenomenon let’s leave it alone. There are many more tools at hand and available language to describe the process of being a super-sensible sentient human and co-creating our world as we go. Every living moment, not just when awake, we are creators designing our personal universe. I wrote a piece in early March 2017 that I have not published yet that would explain what I discovered about my sleeping hours. It will be posted soon because in that article, which I am still editing, I describe my activities during sleep and what I thought was occurring. I have always had an active dream life but then I discovered upon awakening that particular morning exactly who and what was using my energy, identity and will with my consent, but not in my design. I immediately removed and revoked my consent to be used by and for anyone other than myself and for my own highest purposes. Once I did that, peace returned to my chaotic mind space and within my relationships where discord seemed to be having a party.

I have been muted, in a sense, of late for the past six months. In my silence I was formulating a new universe that I needed privacy to create and not share until the baby was gestated, so-to-speak. If you know about sonograms, people take pictures of the womb baby before it’s born. It seemed the thing to do 30 years ago and is widely used today. But, the process of sonograms to see what is an interesting scene of the unborn baby, has the effect on the baby of  blowing a foghorn into their ears within a distance of micro-inches. How would you like to have a foghorn blown into your ears from such a close distance? I wouldn’t. I imagine it’s pretty upsetting, not to mention, most likely obliterates their peaceful developing frequency at that. Anyhow, I don’t think it’s a good idea to peek inside where I can’t fit and is not my domain. You just have to wait! What’s wrong with waiting? I love waiting…zen helps me do that. But now, the baby is born. You can see it and talk to it, interact and learn all about it, even hold it.

Say hello my new universe! Welcome to my movie, my life of creating harmony within the reach of my voice and within the reach of my energetic life force to a community of interest! This is my first post in and about my new universe. All my other articles are still viable, they are channels of information as well as opinion. But now, I have a better view of the landscape and so my perceptions are broader, more mature. The same thing happened with my songwriting. My first penned effort in 1997, “Walk The Wall” was no less channeled than my latest  published album in 2016 “Another Dimension”. I’ve written lots since I published Another Dimension but no albums have been compiled since I took a “retirement” from my music career and decided I would be a writer last fall. Once I can integrate those elements, which is inevitable, the new records will come. First I had to integrate my Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs. I did that with a song called “Magnificent”. To give you a glimpse of that process I will quote the verse and chorus;


(backstory: Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Ascendant – the Cardinal “cross”)

c.2016 Music Alchemy
“My Sun is not online, my Moon is divine
I love all my houses all at once, to me they are all divine.
My Ascendant, you are magnificent! But, you’re almost too much.
Too many people, why can’t we all be one?”


So, back to astrology. I prefer to have a “healthy respect” for these powers, forces, energies and not be afraid of them. I’m so sentient that they “get” to me when I’m not looking. So, that’s why I started looking. We all are affected whether we are cognizant of it or not. There are indeed good aspects, but it’s the “we” part that makes it good. I’ve survived the recent tribulation we all just navigated to tell you about it.

Since the run-up to the New Moon, barely 48 hours prior and ever since, I have had to out-maneuver scorching Sun rays, wrestled with a surprised Pluto in my first house and won the match by pulling a disappearing act. I confronted Saturn about abusing Chiron and won the argument by holding space then reconciled them. I dodged Uranus’s lightning bolts successfully and redirected them to a hidden enemy who was successfully outed by Eris, (thank you Eris). I won a staring down contest with Mars who was trying to be a bully but overplayed his hand. I gave Neptune a hiatus, dismissed its forces for a friend who needed a well-deserved break which was authorized by Venus. I ejected a serial killer Moon beam out of the car and held my ground so I could eat ennobled food; which I was able to do a short time later. I wrestled Rahu to the ground to put him in his place using Ketu’s wisdom – it was a tie! (no surprise there!) I had Jupiter called to the carpet for his know-it-all attitude using reverse psychology and honesty until he decided to go into therapy.

Whew! It’s been a busy minute and I’m not even a fighter! It’s all attitude. It’s all trust. I fail with the Trust sometimes…I falter, I stumble, shake it off, get up again. I am convinced in what I know from my own internal compass, from the Guardians who watch over me and inscribe my every thought, word and deed, from the consistent application of the 12th dimensional platinum shield, from meditation on Source and most of all, from my awareness of what exactly is my reason for being here. Glad to be alive. Belly breathe now. Carry on…#letsdothis

balance energy power

c.2017 Music Alchemy

Welcome Home From Above



jupiter inlet

Welcome Home From Above

Today you shine with the Sun

Your houses are new, the building has begun

Fill your life with growing things,

The moon and the stars and rocks all sing

We honor you our sweet daughter

We truly love you in all ways that matter

You survived it all, so now rejoice

For the world is open wide for you

There is no earthly gain that will suffice

Even though the mountains and fields are full of life

Real nuggets of gold are in your soul

And can never part from you

We surround you on this day

With a love so bright

There will be no mistake of who you are

And why you are here…

The Milky Way and all its might

Will still be well, through the dark night

The father is sure, the mother is kind

Not just on earth, but in your mind

You have all that you need

Don’t go looking for more

All that awaits, all that is in store

Is all you can imagine, all that you adore!

So sing! We love to hear you sing!

The Logos, the Music of the Spheres

Creating streets paved with your feet

And Golden Rays that are providing the heat

The warmth of the Sun, the Upgrade of Love

The dark night is over…Welcome home from above.


Copyright 2016 Mardi Garcia/BMI

Audio in progress (Capo 4 frets C# key)

Listen to Mimi! Chiron Retrograde


Chiron retrograde now is a grand ending to my waning Chiron return, which was over the top! Just as Neptune retrograde is like the tarot card reversed, Chiron retrograde is a review of recently healed wounds which are healing over to functional state. I would think by Chiron Direct in December I will be 100%.  It was a very long process, 2 1/2 years. If you persevere, you will get through it. Keep on. It won’t kill you and the loss of the density  is palpable. It is at times a shock but in a good way, still a shock, you will change depending on the level of healing. Mine was super deep, of necessity, and I can climb out of the cave  that I have been in since February now that Chiron is in retrograde. It’s really amazing. I know it’s not DONE, but this part of the process I can say with a huge sigh of relief, it’s over now. I feel ready to stand up at least and shake off the residue, the minor sweat of the last few pulses.

The very last pulse was a few days ago. I will describe this experience because I knew I had mastered a lesson and the empowerment I felt by solving my problem without looking outside of myself, was quietly triumphant.

I have been very sensitive lately and having inspiration in nutrients for my triangle being. I began to feel outside the gates, outside the village, I could see but not touch. I swirled in a pool of potential and lightning strikes and thunder were frequent but dull. Like watching television, which I never do, but it felt like that, the zombie flotation simulator. But inside the pain was escalating, it would not be ignored. Flashes of injustices startled me and I had to look at it. Stare at it, damnit! I was afraid but the fear was blocking my well. I saw a deep well and I knew it was my own water, to love however I wanted to, to give it away and share more love wherein, the well was full again. But it is dark and lots of unknown to wonder about. Suddenly every little drop in the well mattered and I wanted to get to it and drink. But the pain…omg. Like a knife inside my heart squeezing the life force out of me. WHAT IS IT? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I broke. Hot salty tears flowing like damn burst and I knew I better act quick. My witnessing self was trying to help. I drew a long hot borax magnesium baking soda bath and I cried all my tears into the water until I was exhausted. Like I said, it’s over now. Here is a poem I got a few months ago and I keep coming back to it. It comforts me.


NOISE, it’s been played, had it’s heyday, it’s moment in the Sun.
White noise, scrambled eggs, gyro scope, deep well fills with water.
Here comes the water. It’s not just rain, it’s tears.
Oh, the horror of those years!
The factuals and actuals, fractals and spheres
The cover of darkness shattered by those tears.
Distorted words restored by lovers of truth with the sword wielded by the warriors of THE VIOLET FLAME.
The nervous nebulous sphere of trauma embodied in us…
The alchemy of music sweeping, calling on the Guardians, crying out to Joy, saying inside “It’s over now! You are safe! Be at peace!”
Love rushes in. Creative destruction is Love Supreme.

The new moon will be my COMPLETION cleansing. By my actual birthday which coincidentally is ON the Cancer Full Moon on the 19th of July, I will present myself to the world a changed woman, infinitely stronger and wiser, celebrating life in real time. so much love…

Video I-Ching Readings

Video I-Ching Readings

Music Alchemy I Ching Readings

According to Carl Jung:

 “…it is not for the frivolous minded and immature; nor is it for intellectualists and rationalists. It is appropriate only for thoughtful and reflective people who like to think about what they do and what happens to them-a predilection not to be confused with the morbid brooding of the hypochondriac.” C.G.Jung page xxxiii Zurich 1949. On Page xxv he refers to a previous translation by Legge (p41) and refers to ” the “spiritual agencies” acting in a mysterious way, that make the yarrow stalks (or coins) give a meaningful answer. These powers form, as it were, the living soul of the book…a sort of animated being, the tradition assumes that one can put questions to the IChing and expect to receive intelligent answers.”xxvi

Book of Changes is similar to doing Tarot and Astrological Predictions. The archetypes are what is represented and according to the above description; there are spiritual agencies at work. The significant difference I think with I Ching is that it takes literally years if not decades to really “get” it. Even then, what you think you “got” had even deeper or more obvious, as the case may be, meaning. I am using these decades of study in this way. I would not offer it otherwise. I know a lot of readers are out there of all persuasions; tarot, astrological, angel cards, astro-tarot etc. You would assume that those who are offering these services for money actually are worth the effort to make the money pay the money and live with the reading. That’s what it boils down to. You must use discernment in all things even in hiring readers to give you the occult situations and hidden emotions that you need to know about. It isn’t for luxury or to find out the next fashion trend anymore. I think people know the times are serious and genuinely need some indication of what is going on so they can proceed intelligently.

This video on #25 Embroiling talks about this, that if your perception is off you will make mistakes. It’s so common it’s redundant, yet, how important!! Get a reading and find out what is happening in your world so you can know what are the most prudent actions to take. I wish everyone all the best. You can email me or find me on the various social media and blog sites. You tube comments will be responded to.

Gather Energy For A Decisive New Move

Gather Energy For A Decisive New Move


When thunder comes bursting forth from the earth, the rulers of earlier times were ready. They aroused delight! Made music! And thus, honored the power to realize the times, tao. They exalted the highest spirit and thus became very wise.

Have a firm purpose and act on it!

Yield and build up the capacity to respond to a stimulus!

This is why the old world worked so well.

This is why you should establish helpers to mobilize your forces.

This is the way heaven and earth work together,

how they create time and order the seasons.

The old wise people acted like this.

They could respond immediately from their store of power to

punish what was clearly wrong and thus the people accepted them.

The time of providing for responding is both righteous and great!

Don’t call out to others; Wait and respond to real stimulus. A FERTILE SHOCK IS COMING

Gather energy for a decisive new move!


The limits you have set for yourself are turning you to stone.

Don’t even complete one more day.

Putting your ideas to the trial

generates meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative energy.

Make correcting your position your central concern.

Release bound energy – the situation is already changing!


Don’t be skeptical, don’t procrastinate.

Be very careful at the beginning, don’t be afraid to act alone.



The reserves are there to meet the challenge. Have no doubts. You will acquire what you desire and the power to express what is important to you. You will join people together like a hair clasp gathering the hair.



Direction: Don’t take the lead. Be open to new ideas. Provide what is needed. You are confronting affliction, sickness, disorder, anger, hatred. Keep on. It won’t kill you.YOU ARE RIDING A FIRM, PERSISTENT FORCE. YOUR CENTRE HAS NOT BEEN EXTINGUISHED.

Direction: Gather things and people for a great new endeavor. Proceed step by step. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

You are groping in the dark and you are mis-informed about the situation,

which will probably change for the worse.

The only thing you can accomplish here is to deny false assertions and connections.

The situation isn’t your fault, but it is obscuring your values. Why let it go any longer?


Direction: You will slowly and surely emerge into the light.

Re-imagine the situation. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

We can do this. With all my heart.

Abundance The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Abundance The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
from the Book of Changes I CHING Wilhelm Edition – compiled by Mardi – could also be called “How To Handle Sudden Wealth”

大有 Ta Yu Abundance

The fire in heaven above shines far and all things stand out in the light and become manifest. All things come to the man who is modest and kind in a high position. Supreme success. That strength and clarity unite; possession in great measure is determined by fate and accords with the time. How is it possible that those of us who are weak have power to hold the strong forces fast and possess them? It is done by virtue of unselfish modesty. The time is favorable – a time of strength within, clarity and culture without. Power is expressing itself in a graceful and controlled way. This brings supreme success and wealth – those who stand as helpers at the side of the mild authority are strong and able individuals.
Fire in heaven above
The image of Possession in great measure.
Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good,
and thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.
The image of possession on a grand scale. But possession of this sort must be administered properly. The sun brings both evil and good into the light of day. Man must combat and curb the evil, and must favor and promote the good. 
If one remains conscious of difficulty one remains without blame, there are many difficulties to overcome, but by remaining conscious of these difficulties one can keep inwardly free of possible arrogance and wastefulness, and thus in principle overcome all cause for blame.
A big wagon for loading; one may undertake something, no blame.
Great possession consists not only in the quantity of goods at one’s disposal, but, first and foremost; in the mobility and utility of those goods, for then they can be used in undertakings and we remain free of embarrassment and mistakes. The big wagon which will carry a heavy load and can journey far, means there are at hand able helpers who give their support and are equal to their task. One can load great responsibility upon such persons, and this is necessary in important undertakings.
He offers it to heaven; a petty man cannot do this. A magnanimous, liberal-minded man should not regard what he possesses as his exclusive personal property but should place it at the disposal of the people at large. In so doing he takes the right attitude toward his possession, which as private property can never endure. A petty man is incapable of this, he is harmed by great possessions, because instead of sacrificing them, he would keep them for himself. However, benevolence alone is not sufficient at the time of POSSESSION IN GREAT MEASURE. For insolence might begin to spread, insolence can be kept in bounds by dignity; one remains modest and gives honor to the sage who stands outside the affairs of the world. 
Confucius says of this line: To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted; men help the man who is true. He who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune and there is nothing that would not further.

Existence Osho Zen Tarot