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Source: Dear Vladimir: It’s Not Us

In this recent article by Anna von Reitz, it is addressed to Putin but it is about Britain, specifically about the Crown and it’s continued possession of what we call America. Anna says to Putin that Americans were gullible and that’s how we were tricked. Also, the other party are tricksters to begin with, looking to trade people’s property for their “cre’er” – credibility, debt in other words. So, I opened my handy French-English Dictionary, and found the following golden nuggets.

Gul·li·ble comes from GULL in French: Dupe, to gull, to take in. dupery, trickery, trick, sell. n. dupeur; Cheat, trickster. Now you know why its not in the dictionary.

Gullible in the English dictionary: disposed to believe on little evidence,CREDULOUS, trusting, naive, innocent, simple, green. also; impressionableunsuspectingunsuspiciousunwaryingenuousinnocentinexperiencedunworldlygreen

Credulous – the root of the problem is this word. it stems from “cre-er” – to beget, invent, appoint, as in “A King begets someone’s land and offers them “credit” in exchange. It suggests obtaining resources by searching, to find means…to find resources ”

(like a parasite?) hmmmm.

Being gullible indicates immaturity. Childhood is past. I’ve grown out of the tricks. This is why we let it happen, it describes what Americans are to begin with; “ingenious, otherworldly with a child-like innocence” which is also a very good thing! It is THE THING. That is what makes us special as humans. Don’t forget that. The down side of that is being vulnerable and inexperienced. Improving that should be a central focus until you sharpen your skills and grow up. Then we can’t be taken advantage of. This is important to realize, what Anna is doing is an “adept-level” declaration. We all have wanted to say this.

THE OPPOSITE OF GULLIBLE: In-cred-ulous would then mean; ‘We suspect you are a trickster. We don’t want your credit, no thanks. We will keep our lands, thank-you-very-much.’