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Music Alchemy Rides Again – Show Me The Good!


Astrology is powerful. Once I began studying my own chart almost 4 years ago I knew I would never use the word the “coincidence” again. In a neutral sense co-incidence is fine, it literally means incidences happening in relation to each other or at the the same time. However, since the word is weaponized to discredit real phenomenon let’s leave it alone. There are many more tools at hand and available language to describe the process of being a super-sensible sentient human and co-creating our world as we go. Every living moment, not just when awake, we are creators designing our personal universe. I wrote a piece in early March 2017 that I have not published yet that would explain what I discovered about my sleeping hours. It will be posted soon because in that article, which I am still editing, I describe my activities during sleep and what I thought was occurring. I have always had an active dream life but then I discovered upon awakening that particular morning exactly who and what was using my energy, identity and will with my consent, but not in my design. I immediately removed and revoked my consent to be used by and for anyone other than myself and for my own highest purposes. Once I did that, peace returned to my chaotic mind space and within my relationships where discord seemed to be having a party.

I have been muted, in a sense, of late for the past six months. In my silence I was formulating a new universe that I needed privacy to create and not share until the baby was gestated, so-to-speak. If you know about sonograms, people take pictures of the womb baby before it’s born. It seemed the thing to do 30 years ago and is widely used today. But, the process of sonograms to see what is an interesting scene of the unborn baby, has the effect on the baby of  blowing a foghorn into their ears within a distance of micro-inches. How would you like to have a foghorn blown into your ears from such a close distance? I wouldn’t. I imagine it’s pretty upsetting, not to mention, most likely obliterates their peaceful developing frequency at that. Anyhow, I don’t think it’s a good idea to peek inside where I can’t fit and is not my domain. You just have to wait! What’s wrong with waiting? I love waiting…zen helps me do that. But now, the baby is born. You can see it and talk to it, interact and learn all about it, even hold it.

Say hello my new universe! Welcome to my movie, my life of creating harmony within the reach of my voice and within the reach of my energetic life force to a community of interest! This is my first post in and about my new universe. All my other articles are still viable, they are channels of information as well as opinion. But now, I have a better view of the landscape and so my perceptions are broader, more mature. The same thing happened with my songwriting. My first penned effort in 1997, “Walk The Wall” was no less channeled than my latest  published album in 2016 “Another Dimension”. I’ve written lots since I published Another Dimension but no albums have been compiled since I took a “retirement” from my music career and decided I would be a writer last fall. Once I can integrate those elements, which is inevitable, the new records will come. First I had to integrate my Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs. I did that with a song called “Magnificent”. To give you a glimpse of that process I will quote the verse and chorus;


(backstory: Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Ascendant – the Cardinal “cross”)

c.2016 Music Alchemy
“My Sun is not online, my Moon is divine
I love all my houses all at once, to me they are all divine.
My Ascendant, you are magnificent! But, you’re almost too much.
Too many people, why can’t we all be one?”


So, back to astrology. I prefer to have a “healthy respect” for these powers, forces, energies and not be afraid of them. I’m so sentient that they “get” to me when I’m not looking. So, that’s why I started looking. We all are affected whether we are cognizant of it or not. There are indeed good aspects, but it’s the “we” part that makes it good. I’ve survived the recent tribulation we all just navigated to tell you about it.

Since the run-up to the New Moon, barely 48 hours prior and ever since, I have had to out-maneuver scorching Sun rays, wrestled with a surprised Pluto in my first house and won the match by pulling a disappearing act. I confronted Saturn about abusing Chiron and won the argument by holding space then reconciled them. I dodged Uranus’s lightning bolts successfully and redirected them to a hidden enemy who was successfully outed by Eris, (thank you Eris). I won a staring down contest with Mars who was trying to be a bully but overplayed his hand. I gave Neptune a hiatus, dismissed its forces for a friend who needed a well-deserved break which was authorized by Venus. I ejected a serial killer Moon beam out of the car and held my ground so I could eat ennobled food; which I was able to do a short time later. I wrestled Rahu to the ground to put him in his place using Ketu’s wisdom – it was a tie! (no surprise there!) I had Jupiter called to the carpet for his know-it-all attitude using reverse psychology and honesty until he decided to go into therapy.

Whew! It’s been a busy minute and I’m not even a fighter! It’s all attitude. It’s all trust. I fail with the Trust sometimes…I falter, I stumble, shake it off, get up again. I am convinced in what I know from my own internal compass, from the Guardians who watch over me and inscribe my every thought, word and deed, from the consistent application of the 12th dimensional platinum shield, from meditation on Source and most of all, from my awareness of what exactly is my reason for being here. Glad to be alive. Belly breathe now. Carry on…#letsdothis

balance energy power

c.2017 Music Alchemy

The End of the Spiritual Soldier or The Kingdom of God is Within You


I knew a man, long since passed away, who was a Jesuit, trained as a Nazi in Munich, Jewish bloodline. Upon hearing he had 6 months to live he began for the first time in his long years, to the surprise of all who knew him, to profess a spiritual path, a personal relationship with God. He died peacefully within a year or so. My heart says he is in a positive place, but, who knows…maybe there is redemption for them if they rid themselves of their own parasitic entities and demonstrate their repentance for misdeeds. Maybe he did that. No one is judge of another and there is always hope.

The Jesuits are not christians, they are soldiers of a different kind. They follow a protocol, an ancient one. Their general is also following orders from dual powers most know nothing about whose gender may surprise. Their identities are revealed, it’s game over. It is a very dramatic game, always drama. The dual powers are symbolised by the white/black face masks, after all, they are from the “Opera” group. Always a mask, masters of media and theatre, grand and small, mimics of human creativity, hidden. That is where their power was/is. I know it looks like they have the final word but they don’t. They have been cut off. Each human spirit has always had the only and final word upon themselves. These soldiers can do nothing about that, and they know you better than you know you. Even if they take away your physical body they cannot win in that domain, hence the deception.

With every deception there is always a window, some clue that reveals the deception so you have a way out. But, it is your very own ignorance and imprudence that betrays you. Your willingness to adhere to illusions when the reality is staring you in the face is your undoing. Ignorance is not an excuse and gets you no where. Your ignorance is laziness of the spirit which is a human trait to be manipulated. We are in the age of information. Having access to information has been necessary to bring about the close of the age and the end of their reign, which is guaranteed. What isn’t guaranteed is that it will be easy. It’s not easy. It’s simple but not easy. It is daily, moment to moment work. What also isn’t guaranteed is that you will notice the contrariness in each deception so you can conduct yourself to avoid harm. Why is that? Why aren’t we given the information in a more obvious fashion? Again, the laziness is evident in anyone who has to ask that question, as if they should be spoon-fed wisdom, or as if it is even possible to spoon-feed wisdom. It is not possible. That is why it has taken so long, why have they been able to continue on this plane for so many Aeons. Why don’t you ask yourself? Why are you deceived? How did you become so compromised? Do you know you are compromised? Did anyone do it to you?

When I look at my past and analyze every trauma and negative event, I hardly see where anyone did anything “to” me save the situations when I was a child and had not developed the power to choose. Once I was old enough to choose, often, upon suggestion, I made choices. Sometimes those choices were not in my best interest but I was ignorant at the time of the unpleasant results that would inevitably play out when I made choices upon suggestion from anyone other than myself. Then I would say, “How could I have known? I was deceived!” I said that to myself over and over. I would be angry at the perpetrator, and/or angry at myself. Did my lack of knowledge of myself contribute to that? YES! It did! I see it now! I know I have the power to choose, but if I don’t know what to choose, what is the remedy for that?

Self knowledge is not handed to you. How could anyone but you possibly know you? They can tell you what they think of you, they might even tell you what to think about yourself. You don’t have to believe them, though, right? We make that choice ourselves and are the only ones who can. How do you get to know yourself or what would be right for you? The bookstore has a “self-help” section and the internet is filled with self-help topics galore. Does this help? Apparently, not very well. Most people have no clue of their true nature and how it is different from others, or even if it is different from others. I can reassure you, it is. We are all unique in our expression yet we share the same geometry and collective senses.

I work with people on finding the tools they need to gain this knowledge. Each person, like I said, is unique, so I have gathered lots of different tools, some are integral and some are more helpful to certain people than other tools. It depends on the person. They may be thrilled when I explain some of their own character traits and they are surprised that someone could know them so well. But, I don’t. I only know some peripheral things and can show them the tools I use so they can work on their own and really take the time that is absolutely necessary to delve into their own natures and dig deeper than I care to or need to. Even if I did, it is of no use to me. The digging is the important part of the process. If someone does it for you, well, there is no “there” there. It wouldn’t accomplish anything for them or you. Do they then work on their own and find out more information that could enlighten their path? Do they apply diligence to this effort that is integrative to their survival?  I wish I could say yes, but, I cannot. No, usually they come back a month or so later, all tangled up, and I may reiterate my initial discussion with them and remind them of tools I have used and again, they are surprised at how well I know them! OMG! Really? It’s too predictable and absolutely preventable if they would just get off their asses and stop looking for the spoon-fed solution.

We can’t blame the “powers that be” anymore. WE are the powers that be of ourselves. If you choose to not exercise your own power and energy to find out these things but apply yourself only to busyness, well, you get the picture. You have no one but yourself to blame. So stop it! Stop buying readings and waving your hands in the air looking for beings to tell you the truth. It’s your own truth you need to discover and that information is located in one place only. Like someone said so eloquently, I didn’t make this stuff up, he said; “The Kingdom of God is Within You”. Why don’t we believe that if we say we know anything at all? Why don’t you ask yourself? You are the one with the answers for you, not me. Seize the day and stop looking for cracks in the sidewalk. You will miss it, that is guaranteed, if you are looking in the wrong place. However, if you think life has value, any life at all; a flower, a baby, bliss, then you have to do the work. It is the most rewarding work you can imagine and when you do the work, and only then will you be able to “imagine” and know yourself and spot the contrarities that help you avoid deception. That, my friends, is freedom.


Secret Terrorist of the Vatican

Pandoras Box Has Been Opened – Meet the Spirit of Hope



It is a shame we are put in this predicament, I guess. We want to make things right in our world, be the ‘merica we thought we were and were always told we were but indeed, have fallen desperately short  of and now are ashamed as if it was us that did it.  We see the carnival-of-crazy in the form of candidates for President before our eyes and we do not want to be a part of that.

THEY are crazed, drunk in their own serum of embroiling deceit that apparently is combustably spiraling out of control and in it’s last petering out breath.

That is actually the good news. You must understand this aspect of what is happening. As they are dying in energetic influence we CAN celebrate. We should, it is the proper thing to do to show devotion to our guardians for their works to help us get here. We didn’t do this alone. We ought to give credit where due. HERE is where we are now. We are preparing to participate in the rising up of the good. It’s like YIN AND YANG people. It really is. We are coming to manifestation. Everything good you have wanted to do and be all of your life is becoming fashionable. Cool, huh?  Start gathering those things like a hair clasp gathers the hair. Get busy, there is so much to learn and do. Don’t focus on the doom and gloom. Sing, play music in reverence and devotion. Do things differently; give a damn, give to the bottom instead of taking from the bottom like our former society’s modus. Change your modus! That could mean changing direction. Are you taking from the vulnerable or easy opportunity? In former times, it seemed everything “trickled” to the top; taxes, rules, ordinances, you know the drill. We all do it, we had been posited in the opposite direction because we had to follow the norms of society even if it was wrong. We didn’t know at the time. But you can change the well you drink from if it doesn’t taste satisfactory. Service to others modus is a blissful existence. You should try it!

It is egregious only if I have a false sense of superiority. Why am I ashamed? Did I shirk on my own responsibility and got caught up in serving my whims because I am independent and must survive? Survival has its place but it doesn’t go far enough.  How are we independent? We aren’t. That is a big lie. We are mutually inter-dependent on each other and that is not a bad thing. It is THE thing. It is the WHOLE THING. Get over yourself! Catch up or be left behind.

The rest of the world sees what we are going through and are hoping we can overcome. Most of us are descendants of theirs anyway. The nations of the world, most of which have been inflicted by these amoral agents, all have their eyes on us. A lot of those agents live here and germinated their ideas and corporate R&D here in USA. The world knows this. Why don’t you? What will you do? Will Americans wake up from their hypnotic state? I have heard broadcasts all over the planet of commentators asking each other; What is wrong with Americans? Why do they continue to follow along? I know it’s not everyone and every single day it seems more are being jolted to life. That is good news for all of us.

Don’t lose heart and do not isolate! We must come together. That includes me too. I need to accept my religious friends and I hope to see the good in them reach its potential. I don’t like religions and avoid them. How can one? It seems everyone has their shingle to hang on the door but me. Oh well, I don’t have to have a shingle but I can hear you out if you will exchange the same courtesy to me.

No one can claim they are the only ones that have truth. No one who tries will succeed. If they want a loving world, PROVE IT BY ALLOWING OTHERS TO SHINE IN THEIR OWN TRUTH. You will have to re-imagine truths that other people possess may conflict with the sacred cows and dogmas you still own and may or may not admit. No one needs to prove anything to anyone, I must remember this. Find a common purpose; gather forces, provide what is needed. Think from your heart.

And what about voting? I thought I would not vote. I don’t have desire to become embroiled in the carnival. But I have had a change of heart and mind and this is why; Should I vote? Yes, vote! How could we possibly prosecute voter fraud and show their shame? (case in point; NY and Bernie Sanders – the public is suing the election commission – NY Times). Britain voted to leave the European Union. No one could believe it! They couldn’t hide MILLIONS OF MILLIONS OF VOTES. Even if they reverse the people’s vote in Parliament, it still gave inspiration to the WHOLE OF EUROPE AND THE WORLD. So many countries are raising up objections, the people have woken up and are STANDING UP! LEGALLY! There is nothing they can do now.

I once read that the only spirit that remained in Pandora’s Box after all the nasties were released was that spirit called…wait for it….HOPE. I am not kidding or making this up. Last year I saw a video about Pandora’s Box being in Britain – curious! Could it be? Did they open Pandora’s Box finally and see what was actually inside? Was it Hope? Is HOPE released? I believe so. I do believe HOPE was released from Pandora’s Box in Britain on June 23. I see it. It is an AVALANCHE!!!  YAY US!

The Rule of Law is a higher vibration than LAWLESSNESS. Hope is higher than despondency. The Superior rules the Inferior- that is natural law. Do not miss the miracle! You never know what could happen. It might be a MIRTH QUAKE AND NOT SO EARTH SHATTERING. Do you really think Creator would subject you to that? Have we had enough tribulation? Can we move on to the next Aeon please? Think outside the box. Re-imagine the situation, gather energy for a decisive new move, ask His help. As we work in the dark so-to-speak with the blackout of the press, we are working toward the times of a global awakening! Astrology and Bloggers have opened the celestial heavens to my mind and it started the ball rolling. We are water droplets forming waves in a vast sea but, what would the sea be without us? What IS the sea besides waves? Nothing! That should show you how important you are, just you. And then just another and another. Creation would be less without you, see? Yes, the situation might look bleak. Yes, I admit I am probably over my head. But, so what? What else is new? My “NEW” is my understanding of all that is, is so much greater than I ever let myself believe it to be. Eyes open! No fear!

Listen to Mimi! Chiron Retrograde


Chiron retrograde now is a grand ending to my waning Chiron return, which was over the top! Just as Neptune retrograde is like the tarot card reversed, Chiron retrograde is a review of recently healed wounds which are healing over to functional state. I would think by Chiron Direct in December I will be 100%.  It was a very long process, 2 1/2 years. If you persevere, you will get through it. Keep on. It won’t kill you and the loss of the density  is palpable. It is at times a shock but in a good way, still a shock, you will change depending on the level of healing. Mine was super deep, of necessity, and I can climb out of the cave  that I have been in since February now that Chiron is in retrograde. It’s really amazing. I know it’s not DONE, but this part of the process I can say with a huge sigh of relief, it’s over now. I feel ready to stand up at least and shake off the residue, the minor sweat of the last few pulses.

The very last pulse was a few days ago. I will describe this experience because I knew I had mastered a lesson and the empowerment I felt by solving my problem without looking outside of myself, was quietly triumphant.

I have been very sensitive lately and having inspiration in nutrients for my triangle being. I began to feel outside the gates, outside the village, I could see but not touch. I swirled in a pool of potential and lightning strikes and thunder were frequent but dull. Like watching television, which I never do, but it felt like that, the zombie flotation simulator. But inside the pain was escalating, it would not be ignored. Flashes of injustices startled me and I had to look at it. Stare at it, damnit! I was afraid but the fear was blocking my well. I saw a deep well and I knew it was my own water, to love however I wanted to, to give it away and share more love wherein, the well was full again. But it is dark and lots of unknown to wonder about. Suddenly every little drop in the well mattered and I wanted to get to it and drink. But the pain…omg. Like a knife inside my heart squeezing the life force out of me. WHAT IS IT? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I broke. Hot salty tears flowing like damn burst and I knew I better act quick. My witnessing self was trying to help. I drew a long hot borax magnesium baking soda bath and I cried all my tears into the water until I was exhausted. Like I said, it’s over now. Here is a poem I got a few months ago and I keep coming back to it. It comforts me.


NOISE, it’s been played, had it’s heyday, it’s moment in the Sun.
White noise, scrambled eggs, gyro scope, deep well fills with water.
Here comes the water. It’s not just rain, it’s tears.
Oh, the horror of those years!
The factuals and actuals, fractals and spheres
The cover of darkness shattered by those tears.
Distorted words restored by lovers of truth with the sword wielded by the warriors of THE VIOLET FLAME.
The nervous nebulous sphere of trauma embodied in us…
The alchemy of music sweeping, calling on the Guardians, crying out to Joy, saying inside “It’s over now! You are safe! Be at peace!”
Love rushes in. Creative destruction is Love Supreme.

The new moon will be my COMPLETION cleansing. By my actual birthday which coincidentally is ON the Cancer Full Moon on the 19th of July, I will present myself to the world a changed woman, infinitely stronger and wiser, celebrating life in real time. so much love…

Video I-Ching Readings

Video I-Ching Readings

Music Alchemy I Ching Readings

According to Carl Jung:

 “…it is not for the frivolous minded and immature; nor is it for intellectualists and rationalists. It is appropriate only for thoughtful and reflective people who like to think about what they do and what happens to them-a predilection not to be confused with the morbid brooding of the hypochondriac.” C.G.Jung page xxxiii Zurich 1949. On Page xxv he refers to a previous translation by Legge (p41) and refers to ” the “spiritual agencies” acting in a mysterious way, that make the yarrow stalks (or coins) give a meaningful answer. These powers form, as it were, the living soul of the book…a sort of animated being, the tradition assumes that one can put questions to the IChing and expect to receive intelligent answers.”xxvi

Book of Changes is similar to doing Tarot and Astrological Predictions. The archetypes are what is represented and according to the above description; there are spiritual agencies at work. The significant difference I think with I Ching is that it takes literally years if not decades to really “get” it. Even then, what you think you “got” had even deeper or more obvious, as the case may be, meaning. I am using these decades of study in this way. I would not offer it otherwise. I know a lot of readers are out there of all persuasions; tarot, astrological, angel cards, astro-tarot etc. You would assume that those who are offering these services for money actually are worth the effort to make the money pay the money and live with the reading. That’s what it boils down to. You must use discernment in all things even in hiring readers to give you the occult situations and hidden emotions that you need to know about. It isn’t for luxury or to find out the next fashion trend anymore. I think people know the times are serious and genuinely need some indication of what is going on so they can proceed intelligently.

This video on #25 Embroiling talks about this, that if your perception is off you will make mistakes. It’s so common it’s redundant, yet, how important!! Get a reading and find out what is happening in your world so you can know what are the most prudent actions to take. I wish everyone all the best. You can email me or find me on the various social media and blog sites. You tube comments will be responded to.

Sex Agenda Getting Old Meet The Sylphs

Sex Agenda Getting Old Meet The Sylphs

I have noticed in the last few weeks in youtube astrologers…I watch dozens so if this isn’t you, don’t be offended. It isn’t isolated into any particular region, in addition to my home country I watch European, Asia, Far East, South American. Anyway, what I have noticed is that in tarot or astrological aspects there is an unexpected focus on aberrant sexual relations. Literally, here are the tarot interpretations mentioned in the past few weeks; s&m, anal play, bondage…okay. I know what human sexual function is, it is part of the creation process. My feeling, here however, is that the widespread appearance of late of these suggestions, where they had not existed within my viewership of the very same channels over the past year, is only an encroachment of the Luciferian and Ahrimiac influences within my beloved astrology.

A perverted sexual agenda is part of the destruction of the divine human spirit that is built on the harmonious balance of the negative-positive polarity that exists in our universe.

Sexual unity is achieved within the realization and manifestation of the integration/interrelation of the divine feminine and divine masculine. These cannot be achieved with violations of natural law and violations of spiritual consent.

The realm they operate in may exist with the elementals, the Sylphs, who can be or indeed are the Archontic. We have been in Air signs of late; lots of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius aspects, this is where their domain is. They are reasoning, sanguine, language. Pay attention to what astral fields you are tapping into and the conversations there. You may hear things but they may not be from you. They may be in the collective group mind that has been infected with the archontic hive mind agenda. I only notice a few of these happening but it shows me that maybe they mean well, maybe they don’t even realize that sylphs have snuck in, maybe they have no agenda intended at all. Regardless of that, if they are not discerning the thought bodies hovering in the 4th and 5th dimensions and they go there for contact, they can be seduced into propagating someone else’s agenda, and abdicating their own platform unawares. It is your responsibility as an astrologer, an intuitive, a Tarot reader to distinguish who is who in your mind-scape and make sure you are authentic to your own heart. In addition, the fact that you have clients makes you responsible for the readings you give as well. When you put your shingle out there, whether you have official credentials or not, you are saying “You can trust me”.

Astrologers, Tarot Readers; If you want business you are going to want people to trust you. You want to be able to trust yourself, your career depends on it as well as your self worth

What I know about the 4th and 5th dimensions is that is where the Archontic, Angelic, Infernal non-bio entities reside. I plan to travel to the 7th where Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Steiner reside. You will be presented with whatever you believe. We are not chained to each other so you are free to go where ever you want.

Zen No-Mind state is essential practice on a regular basis in order to clear the mind-scape.

Like taking a shower after a day in the fields, wash off that old residue, brush your hair, wash your face, tai chi movement or myofascial release unwinding, massage too. Drink lots of loved water and look up in attitude, straighten your posture, listen to the birds and the trees, the roaring ocean, music that is balanced and sacred, speak to your ancestors invoking love and wisdom, witness the gyrations of the density without being embroiled in it. That is what I call the Zen No-Mind state.

You can also direct the mind if it is particularly bothersome. Send it into a cabinet for an hour. Close the door. Go back after an hour and let it out. Practice being in charge of that and flex your muscles so to speak. It’s adept and adult to do this. That is evolving, maturing. That is what everyone is trying to achieve, but you cannot achieve it by striving. It is the striving that is the problem. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. There are none there. You can stop asking questions too once you get into No-Mind because you will rest. Much needed mental rest.

Recharge by understanding that