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Source: Dear Vladimir: It’s Not Us

In this recent article by Anna von Reitz, it is addressed to Putin but it is about Britain, specifically about the Crown and it’s continued possession of what we call America. Anna says to Putin that Americans were gullible and that’s how we were tricked. Also, the other party are tricksters to begin with, looking to trade people’s property for their “cre’er” – credibility, debt in other words. So, I opened my handy French-English Dictionary, and found the following golden nuggets.

Gul·li·ble comes from GULL in French: Dupe, to gull, to take in. dupery, trickery, trick, sell. n. dupeur; Cheat, trickster. Now you know why its not in the dictionary.

Gullible in the English dictionary: disposed to believe on little evidence,CREDULOUS, trusting, naive, innocent, simple, green. also; impressionableunsuspectingunsuspiciousunwaryingenuousinnocentinexperiencedunworldlygreen

Credulous – the root of the problem is this word. it stems from “cre-er” – to beget, invent, appoint, as in “A King begets someone’s land and offers them “credit” in exchange. It suggests obtaining resources by searching, to find means…to find resources ”

(like a parasite?) hmmmm.

Being gullible indicates immaturity. Childhood is past. I’ve grown out of the tricks. This is why we let it happen, it describes what Americans are to begin with; “ingenious, otherworldly with a child-like innocence” which is also a very good thing! It is THE THING. That is what makes us special as humans. Don’t forget that. The down side of that is being vulnerable and inexperienced. Improving that should be a central focus until you sharpen your skills and grow up. Then we can’t be taken advantage of. This is important to realize, what Anna is doing is an “adept-level” declaration. We all have wanted to say this.

THE OPPOSITE OF GULLIBLE: In-cred-ulous would then mean; ‘We suspect you are a trickster. We don’t want your credit, no thanks. We will keep our lands, thank-you-very-much.’




The End of the Spiritual Soldier or The Kingdom of God is Within You


I knew a man, long since passed away, who was a Jesuit, trained as a Nazi in Munich, Jewish bloodline. Upon hearing he had 6 months to live he began for the first time in his long years, to the surprise of all who knew him, to profess a spiritual path, a personal relationship with God. He died peacefully within a year or so. My heart says he is in a positive place, but, who knows…maybe there is redemption for them if they rid themselves of their own parasitic entities and demonstrate their repentance for misdeeds. Maybe he did that. No one is judge of another and there is always hope.

The Jesuits are not christians, they are soldiers of a different kind. They follow a protocol, an ancient one. Their general is also following orders from dual powers most know nothing about whose gender may surprise. Their identities are revealed, it’s game over. It is a very dramatic game, always drama. The dual powers are symbolised by the white/black face masks, after all, they are from the “Opera” group. Always a mask, masters of media and theatre, grand and small, mimics of human creativity, hidden. That is where their power was/is. I know it looks like they have the final word but they don’t. They have been cut off. Each human spirit has always had the only and final word upon themselves. These soldiers can do nothing about that, and they know you better than you know you. Even if they take away your physical body they cannot win in that domain, hence the deception.

With every deception there is always a window, some clue that reveals the deception so you have a way out. But, it is your very own ignorance and imprudence that betrays you. Your willingness to adhere to illusions when the reality is staring you in the face is your undoing. Ignorance is not an excuse and gets you no where. Your ignorance is laziness of the spirit which is a human trait to be manipulated. We are in the age of information. Having access to information has been necessary to bring about the close of the age and the end of their reign, which is guaranteed. What isn’t guaranteed is that it will be easy. It’s not easy. It’s simple but not easy. It is daily, moment to moment work. What also isn’t guaranteed is that you will notice the contrariness in each deception so you can conduct yourself to avoid harm. Why is that? Why aren’t we given the information in a more obvious fashion? Again, the laziness is evident in anyone who has to ask that question, as if they should be spoon-fed wisdom, or as if it is even possible to spoon-feed wisdom. It is not possible. That is why it has taken so long, why have they been able to continue on this plane for so many Aeons. Why don’t you ask yourself? Why are you deceived? How did you become so compromised? Do you know you are compromised? Did anyone do it to you?

When I look at my past and analyze every trauma and negative event, I hardly see where anyone did anything “to” me save the situations when I was a child and had not developed the power to choose. Once I was old enough to choose, often, upon suggestion, I made choices. Sometimes those choices were not in my best interest but I was ignorant at the time of the unpleasant results that would inevitably play out when I made choices upon suggestion from anyone other than myself. Then I would say, “How could I have known? I was deceived!” I said that to myself over and over. I would be angry at the perpetrator, and/or angry at myself. Did my lack of knowledge of myself contribute to that? YES! It did! I see it now! I know I have the power to choose, but if I don’t know what to choose, what is the remedy for that?

Self knowledge is not handed to you. How could anyone but you possibly know you? They can tell you what they think of you, they might even tell you what to think about yourself. You don’t have to believe them, though, right? We make that choice ourselves and are the only ones who can. How do you get to know yourself or what would be right for you? The bookstore has a “self-help” section and the internet is filled with self-help topics galore. Does this help? Apparently, not very well. Most people have no clue of their true nature and how it is different from others, or even if it is different from others. I can reassure you, it is. We are all unique in our expression yet we share the same geometry and collective senses.

I work with people on finding the tools they need to gain this knowledge. Each person, like I said, is unique, so I have gathered lots of different tools, some are integral and some are more helpful to certain people than other tools. It depends on the person. They may be thrilled when I explain some of their own character traits and they are surprised that someone could know them so well. But, I don’t. I only know some peripheral things and can show them the tools I use so they can work on their own and really take the time that is absolutely necessary to delve into their own natures and dig deeper than I care to or need to. Even if I did, it is of no use to me. The digging is the important part of the process. If someone does it for you, well, there is no “there” there. It wouldn’t accomplish anything for them or you. Do they then work on their own and find out more information that could enlighten their path? Do they apply diligence to this effort that is integrative to their survival?  I wish I could say yes, but, I cannot. No, usually they come back a month or so later, all tangled up, and I may reiterate my initial discussion with them and remind them of tools I have used and again, they are surprised at how well I know them! OMG! Really? It’s too predictable and absolutely preventable if they would just get off their asses and stop looking for the spoon-fed solution.

We can’t blame the “powers that be” anymore. WE are the powers that be of ourselves. If you choose to not exercise your own power and energy to find out these things but apply yourself only to busyness, well, you get the picture. You have no one but yourself to blame. So stop it! Stop buying readings and waving your hands in the air looking for beings to tell you the truth. It’s your own truth you need to discover and that information is located in one place only. Like someone said so eloquently, I didn’t make this stuff up, he said; “The Kingdom of God is Within You”. Why don’t we believe that if we say we know anything at all? Why don’t you ask yourself? You are the one with the answers for you, not me. Seize the day and stop looking for cracks in the sidewalk. You will miss it, that is guaranteed, if you are looking in the wrong place. However, if you think life has value, any life at all; a flower, a baby, bliss, then you have to do the work. It is the most rewarding work you can imagine and when you do the work, and only then will you be able to “imagine” and know yourself and spot the contrarities that help you avoid deception. That, my friends, is freedom.


Secret Terrorist of the Vatican

Tame The Terrorists Within


Fighting to create the illusion there is something to fight about

When in reality it’s all a show

The battle rages on inside of you as you cover up the pain with stealth and lies

Crying for your rights grabbing all in sight

When all around you people are saying

“Tame the terrorist within, each one of us,

silently begin to conquer all the terrorists within

then we all win, we all win”

But how? How you say, how do I tame the terrorists within?

How do I even begin?

“Go to the battlefield, armed with truth; the true nature of that enemy, see what is.”

 In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot, numeral 8 is Strength. The Goddess is holding the mouth of the Lion where he seems to be more excited to have her attention than to want to attack her. It’s a beautiful card and indeed gives me courage to make adjustments, to see myself, not in the way of the distorted mirrors around me, but in light of my archetype.”


The Lion is the terrorist as well, but here he is tamed. Why? How?? Show me! Did she steal his teeth? No, she doesn’t have to. She is the Supernal in dignity. He represents the Infernal, or he potentially could. But, she has mastery. Consider the myriad of types of cells we have in our bodies. How many different types of mastery are there on earth amongst all people and beings? We cannot count them all. That’s how many terrorists we have within, microscopic and macro.

You have to achieve mastery over small things like blood cells and manicures as well as more important functions like your voice product, stemming from your thought product, stemming from your emotional product, stemming from your heart’s desire.

Are you harboring terrorists within? Are they harassing you? Terrorizing you? They might have looked like friends at first but something changed and a new darker friend emerges, ugly to you but, now you are confused. What a minute?! What have I signed up for? Disharmony, distortion is a quick clue. It’s not for you, as you can plainly see.

Check in and see if you fell into the common meme; no pain no gain. Pain is information. If you ignore pain of any kind, you are throwing water on the encyclopedias of your being. The playbook is written with pain. It is so literally informational that you will wonder how you ever got by in life (sometimes barely) without this information. It perfectly suits you and what you specifically need and would like, what you adore! Only you can find this information, it is written in your body. So get reading! You are the book. Evict the terrorists and allow Joy by Attrition. Let it go one by one naming each enemy and disposing of their presence. It’s your choice! You might feel separation anxiety. That’s normal. Some of these terrorists are big guys and have been around for a long time.

So cleanse and raise your vibration and guaranteed, whatever your life is like is only a reflection of the number of terrorists you allow to live rent free, allow to “effarement”: in French this word means; bewilderment, distraction, terror, affright. Terrorist is from the word “EFFACE” it means to scrub out, scrape, blot out, to get obliterated, eclipsed. “EFFARE” means – wild scare, to frighten, to flurry, to astound, startling, disquieting, shocking, annoying, umbrage. Also, “EFFERENT” means – to emasculate, to unman, steal energy, vitality. This is the lion having his teeth taken from him, and his voice. She doesn’t have to do that to tame him, though. See? There are ways. But, this is the enemy, these terrorists  within have all these characteristics, do they not? Again I say, Joy by attrition.

The true behavior of a terrorist is, “to carry consternation everywhere, shameless, impudent, shamelessness, brazen, boldly, repulsive, hideous, awful, strip trees of fruit, bloodshed.”

BINGO! I think we know now. Let’s not kid ourselves. If you are partaking in these energies, you need to STOP. They are inside us! Tame the terrorists within! As above so below. You ARE the below! You have exposed yourself to yourself and it’s been named. There is no retreat. You must stumble forward if necessary, forward being the operative word. No excuses.

I suggest to you my friends to eye your true enemy, the terrorists within, that would emasculate you and realize it is not necessary. Honor your pain, tell the story of it’s pages written in your own flesh so we all can have the information too. Share the wealth!

so much love…Mardi

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